It Began Around Midnight ... part 7

It Began Around Midnight is the outcome of ideas that i had collected from other quizzes that are really good and ideas that i came up with. I tried to make this quiz unique and a little different from others, but it still has those four guys who you get to choose between. It tells you that fantasy doesn't always stay a fantasy.

So, last quiz you and Cindy ended up going out skating. For that while that you were with her you temporarily forgot about the guys. But once you got to your driveway everything came back to you and you started to feel guilty for ditching the guys.THE GUYS: *Kyle* medium height and medium muscles, deep emerald green eyes, and bleach white hair. *Zac* medium height and more muscles than Kyle, mesmerizing purple eyes, and sand colored hair. *Andre* slim and agile, bright topaz eyes and dark brown hair. *Christian* slim, but still has muscles, jet-black hair, magnificent red eyes.

Created by: Toni

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  1. You run up your driveway, hoping that the guys aren’t mad at you or anything. By the time you put your hand on the door knob your heart is racing so fast that you can feel it in your ears. You turn the knob and slowly walk into your house. You’re almost waiting for someone to be standing on the other side of the door, but no one is there. You step inside and quietly close the door. You take off your jacket and shoes and put them in the closet. Then you face away from the closet and door. “Hello?” You patiently wait for a response. “Hi,” you look toward the living room entrance and Andre is standing there with a smile on his face.
  2. “You’ve been gone for a while… I hope you had fun,” says Andre walking towards you. “How long?” you ask. “Um, about five hours,” Andre says as he leans against the wall about a foot away from you. You sink to the ground and sit there with your knees in front of you. “Wow, I’m really sorry Andre,” you apologize; your head is resting in your hands. “What for?” he asks you and he sits down on the ground beside you. You look up at his golden eyes. “For ditching you, I mean I just left with Cindy and left you guys here alone. Then I was gone for five whole hours. I should have been able to get rid of her when she was here. She is my friend and I should have been stricter with her. Yeah, she would have been sad and maybe a little mad at me, but she would get over it.” The words just keep coming out of your mouth and you can’t seem to stop them. “And-,” you start but are cut off as Andre puts his index finger to your lips. “______, don’t worry about it,” Andre says. “Yeah, but-,” you try to say, but Andre lightly shakes his head.
  3. “______, you don’t need to worry or apologize. There is nothing wrong with going and hanging out with your friends.” You open your mouth and are about to say something when Andre talks first. “You may find this funny, but after you left me and the guys were just worried if you were having fun with Cindy or if Cindy was torturing you to death. We weren’t thinking about you leaving us to go with Cindy, so you don’t need to apologize when you weren’t at all ditching us.”
  4. You sigh in relief. “You thought my reaction would have been different, didn’t you?” Andre says with a smile spreading across his face. You just nod. “That bad, huh. Well are you going to tell me or leave me hanging?” Andre’s smile seems to get bigger. Andre is acting a lot different, it must be that it’s just the two of us or he has just become more confident, you think. “Well… I kinda thought that you guys would be mad at me,” you say in a very quiet whisper. Andre starts laughing. “What’s so funny, I’m being serious,” you state. “I could tell. It’s just… how scared you looked when you said it. Like after you said it you would be hit with a stick,” he says smiling and still laughing a little. You can’t help but also smile.
  5. “Hey, Andre? Where are the others?” you ask. “Um, Christian and Zac went out to make sure that there are still no vampires in the area. And Kyle… he‘s around here somewhere,” he says. You then hear your stomach growl and you remember your hunger. “I think I’m going to go and get something to eat,” you say to him. “Good idea.” Andre nods his head in agreement. You both stand up; you make your way to the kitchen, while Andre goes back to the living room. You scan the kitchen and realize that there isn’t much to eat. You end up finding a can of soup in the pantry and heat it up. You look at the clock and realize that it’s after six. Wow, the day has gone by so fast, you think. By the time you finish your soup and clean your dishes it’s almost seven. You decide that you are going to go upstairs and have a shower. As you leave the kitchen and start to pass the living room, you notice that Andre is lying down on the couch reading a book. “Whatcha reading?” you ask him. He looks up at you. “Um, Twilight.”
  6. You decide to ask him what part he’s at. “Uh, the beginning of the baseball game,” he answers. “What do you think of the book so far?” you ask him. “It’s… very interesting,” he answers. You nod your head, and then continue on your way to the stairs. You’re almost at the top of the stairs when you hear a door open. You look up and see the bathroom door open. You make it to the top of the stairs just in time to see Kyle stepping out of the bathroom. It looks like he had a shower because his hair is wet. He is wearing the same clothes from when you saw him last, but his shirt is slung over his arm. You stand there, frozen to the ground. You can clearly see his broad shoulders and the muscles that run down his arms. His has a strong chest and well defined abs. “Oh, I hope that it was okay if I used the bathroom to have a shower,” Kyle says to you. You can’t seem to take your eyes off of Kyle’s chest. “Hello? Earth to ______,” he says waving a hand in front of your eyes, with an amused smile on his face. You close your eyes and shake your head, trying to get a grip on yourself. “Um... no, I, uh… I don’t mind,” you stutter. Kyle gives a short laugh and his smile seems to grow.
  7. Kyle puts one of his hands on your shoulder. “Glad to have you back to earth,” Kyle says, still smiling. You just nod and Kyle chuckles. “Well, I’m going to head downstairs, you want to come?” Kyle asks you. With what he says you seem to snap back into yourself. “Um, no thanks, I was kind of thinking about having a shower,” you answer. “Okay,” Kyle says, his smile not faltering. He takes his hand off of your shoulder and steps past you, and then he heads down the stairs. You continue on your way down the hall, while asking yourself why you acted the way you did. You head into your room and get your PJs before heading into the bathroom, for a long, hot shower.
  8. After your shower and are back in your room the sleep that you lost last night comes running back to you and you get caught in a wave of exhaustion. You flop down on your bed and let yourself get swallowed up in a dreamless sleep. Your senses slowly come back to you and the smell of pancakes glides into your room. Your eyes flutter open at the welcoming smell.
  9. You get out of your bed and stand up to stretch. You decide to head out of your room and you walk down the hall. The memory of Kyle last night comes back into your mind and you feel your cheeks heat up as you blush. Your blush disappears once you reach the bottom of the stairs and the strong scent of pancakes fills your face. You head toward the kitchen, but once you pass the living room you spot Andre lying down on the couch, still reading. “It was fun though, once I and Zac finished our patrol and started to head back here, I got this awesome idea.” Finished our patrol and started to head back here, I got this awesome idea.” You hear Christian’s voice trailing out of the kitchen and you start walking toward the kitchen. “I challenged Zac to a race back here, but we had to run on the roofs of the houses,” explains Christian. “So, then what did you lose?” Kyle’s voice also comes out of the kitchen. “Who said I lost,” says Christian. “Zac? What did he lose?” asks Kyle. “His pride,” Zac replies. “Gloating?” asks Kyle. “Oh yeah,” answers Zac and he and Kyle start laughing. That’s when you walk into the kitchen. “One of these days I’m going to-oh, good morning ______,” says Christian, the annoyed expression that was on his face disappears as he smiles at you. Zac and Kyle’s laughs fade as they turn to see you walk into the kitchen. Christian and Kyle are sitting across from each other at the table and Zac is standing at the stove with a spatula in one hand.
  10. Zac and Kyle both say good morning to you. “I thought that you’d be hungry so, I’ve made you some pancakes,” states Zac. “Oh, that’s really sweet of you,” you say. “You should have seen how much he wanted to make them earlier,” says Kyle. “Yup, he went around and asked each of us if we knew how to cook pancakes,” Christian says with a grin. “He finally decided to go search it up on the computer,” concludes Kyle. They both have triumphant smiles on their faces. Zac turned back to the stove, so you can’t see his face, but you can guess that he’s probably blushing, if vampires can blush.
  11. You decide to go and sit down at the table and take the empty seat beside Christian. Zac then comes and puts a plate with two pancakes on it. The pancakes are so big that one practically covers up the surface of the plate. “I kind of did a poor job on the other pancakes, but these two are in perfect condition,” admits Zac. “Don’t worry about it. It’s still really sweet that you decided to make them for me,” you state. Zac smiles, and then goes back to the stove to clean the dishes. You eat the pancakes, while Christian and Kyle talk about what they saw on TV. Once you finish the pancakes you walk over to where Zac is washing the dishes and you put your dishes into the dish washer. You then open the fridge door looking for something to drink and you notice how really bare the fridge is. You close it and look in the pantry; it too has food in it. You close the pantry door too and turn toward the guys. “Okay, I think I need to make a trip to 7 eleven to get some food. Does anyone want to come with me?” you ask. Christian and Kyle look at each other, then both of them throw a hand up into the air.
  12. I hope that this quiz didn't take too long to come out. Now, which guy do you want to head out and walk to 7 Eleven with?

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