My Chonny Girl's Test!

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This is just a thirteen question long test to see how much you know! Allot of people might not pass but I have faith in all of you! Have fun and good luck!

Yous probably won't read this which is good because I just need to fill this in so I can complete the rest of the quiz to allow yous to take it. Thanks for taking my quiz!

Created by: my chonny girl
  1. Which YouTube star says "Hey Angel, You Duh Sexaii~"?
  2. How many subscribers does YourChonny have?
  3. Did YourChonny make a "Draw My Life" video?
  4. How many subscribers does kevjumba have?
  5. Does mychonny like Super Junior?
  6. What is the name of the band/group that made the song "It's Tricky"?
  7. Which WWE Superstar has the streak 21-0?
  8. In the band Black Veil Brides, which member always looks good in a cowboy outfit even if he is in a rock band?
  9. Which out of these three is my favorite boy band?
  10. What is my favorite Super Junior song?
  11. Do I play Tynon?
  12. Who is my favorite Black Veil Brides member?
  13. Is "my chonny girl" my user-name for every site I go on?

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