Does the Girl Of My Dreams Love Me (boyz Only)

There are many curios boys out there thinking if their dream girl loves them. If your one of them just come and take this test to find out. Goood luck.

If your confident about what she thinks of you. Then take the test, it will only take a few little moments of your life. Who knows maybe it will give you what you need.

Created by: sanyar
  1. Do you think she does?
  2. Have you ever dated.
  3. Is she dating someone?
  4. Has she ever stared at you.
  5. Have you asked her out? What did she say?
  6. Are you good looking?
  7. Did she tell any one that she likes you?
  8. Do you hang out together?
  9. Do her friends like you?
  10. When you talk to each other what does she do?
  11. How often do you talk?
  12. Have you danced together.
  13. Are you good in grades?
  14. Is she good looking?
  15. Are you popular?
  16. Is she popular
  17. Have you cought her following you?
  18. Do you know stuff about her?
  19. Are you in love with her friends too?
  20. If your sad, does she ask what's wrong?
  21. Does she comment you on anything?
  22. When she's talking to her friends does she look at you by time to time?
  23. Have you been alone together? If so how did she react?
  24. Does she know that you love her?
  25. Do you love her?
  26. When she knows that she' ll be some were that you' ll be does she wear special clothes.
  27. Have you had any type of relation ship in the past or now?
  28. Does she get nervous or you know, when she's around you or talking together?
  29. Do you have any thing in common??
  30. Are you ready to see your score??

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