Could you survive wearing braces?

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First things first, this is my first quiz and I'm not really that good at making them yet, as I said, yet. So I hope that this is good enough for yous :)

This quiz is going to tell you if you could survive wearing braces or not. For some, braces are not a challenge. But what about you?

Created by: Luvbuscus
  1. First question that takes a huge part of this quiz, are your teeth sensitive?
  2. Second question that also takes a huge part of this quiz, do/did you already have braces?
  3. Now on to the little questions. Have you recently went to the Dentist?
  4. How many times do you brush your teeth daily?
  5. Do you have a sweet tooth?
  6. How many times do you drink water?
  7. Do you have your own snack bag (or cabinet, box, anything really)?
  8. Do you like the look of braces?
  9. Do you move your tongue a lot?
  10. Do you hate the feeling of things on your teeth?

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