Do you need braces, headgear?

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Have you ever wondered if you needed braces or headgear or both? Are you too embarrassed to ask your dentist or orthodontist? If so take this quiz and we will tell you what type of braces headgear you will need! Take the quiz now! and post your smile in the comments!

(Remember I am not a certified orthodontist, you should ask your real dentist/orthodontist) Post a link to a picture of your teeth/or picture and side profile with your teeth closed below and I will give you an explanation about why you need or don't need.

Created by: The-Orthodontist!
  1. How old are you
  2. To your front teeth jet forward?
  3. Do your top teeth cover your bottom teeth?
  4. When you smile, are your bottom teeth covering your top teeth?
  5. Do your teeth turn in or out or cover up your other teeth? Are they crowded?
  6. Has your dentist ever told you you need braces?
  7. Does your jaw pop or hurt when you open and close it?
  8. Do you want headgear?
  9. What do people tell you about your teeth
  10. Did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Do I need braces, headgear?