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    emowolf13 Newbie
    She is my only muse
    The only one I choose
    I hope I made the right choice
    We go together like one beautiful voice
    Her smell sticks too me
    Her hair is the color of honey
    She is like a rose
    She is strikin a sexy pose.
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    punk king Newbie
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    emowolf13 Newbie
    Yea. But to tell you the truth. I'm bisexual. Now if you think it is wrong go to heck. My friends don't care.
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    punk king Newbie
    no its not wrong,it doent matter ppl here dont care wat u like u r still a person
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    emowolf13 Newbie
    Ye. Your a nice person king.
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    punk king Newbie
    yes,yes i am lol allot of ppl on here are nice u just need to be here often u kool too
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    emowolf13 Newbie
    Thanks but your cooler.
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    I like music Novice
    Those were very nice poems, and don't worry, no one will judge your sexuality, at least, I won't.
  • xNikkix Newbie
    nice poems you guys, oh and my big brother who's 17 is gay, but that doesn't mean im not going to like him anymore, right? but my f---ing mum and dad dont want him in the house anymore and say he's a freak, and im always hearing fights going on downstairs when im in bad and cant get to sleep, its so sad,so thats why i wrote this poem for him, me and my sis wrote it together in case anything happend:

    my part

    remember me when i am far away,
    or somewhere else through out the day
    for am i always here with you
    especially when you're not sure of what to do,

    dont worry what they say,
    i am here fo you anyway,
    just 'cause your a little different,
    doesn't mean you can't be brilliant,

    my sister's part:-
    but you're always special to me,
    and if that's so hard for you to see,
    then thats what this poem is for,
    we wouldn't write it for anyone who walks through the door.

    he says it makes him feel better and accepted and thats what me and my little sister lily were trying to do.
    just wish he didn't have to make a huge song and dance about his gayness lol oops, im sorry, maybe that was a bit mean
  • xNikkix Newbie
    but im not gay myself, no way!!
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    emowolf13 Newbie
    Back to straight.
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    I like music Novice
    Aww, what a sweet poem!
    Sort of...
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    Zetsu Girl 13 Newbie
    Aww, such cool poems~! I have a few...
    I created this poem for this person I really love, but she likes someone else. I do everything I can to make her happy and be a good friend to her, but the person she likes ignores her a lot. It makes me so sad...
    My rose, my sweet; I am sorry for this crime
    A pity I have loved you but never
    Said a word. I am sorry that the time
    has faded, floated away like this feather
    Across this barren, loveless sea of mine
    I am sorry that this curse, ripped and tethered
    has caused me to love you, your radiant shine
    I desire more than friendship, however
    Honestly I know, your heart breaks as I try
    to comfort you, my angel, but I know
    you'll never return this love as my eyes
    look away from your ignorant glow
    I am sorry I must walk away, not to cry,
    But to wait for this silent love to fade and re-grow
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    Zetsu Girl 13 Newbie
    Violet Rain
    Fleeting sunshine, why did you decieve me?
    You promsied to stay, but you're no longer here
    What can I do; What can I say to see
    Your beautiful face again? Gray clouds near
    Seem to hide you, but why, sunshine? To be
    by your side is all I need. But why do they fear
    this? Why is our love wrong? Is love not the key
    to happiness? We belong together, as peers.
    But, not only that, but as more, too!
    As fading silvers follow me in the sky
    I can see your joyous smile. It's true
    my love blossoms for you, but I can't say goodbye.
    Not yet. But I grin as I see you return!
    As we kiss in the rain, my happiness burns
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    Zetsu Girl 13 Newbie
    A delicate heart, made of glass. That is so
    Like me, to cry in silence. For now, forever,
    Eternity will not destroy my feelings. Show
    X-rays; reveal my heart to be never
    Achieving of no more than grief. But why know
    Even of the smallest affection? Why sever
    Little happiness we have now? Because, to grow,
    If only subtly, we must risk. No--I endanger.
    Zero notes of harmony sing as I
    Aim for your love. Well, ha ha, guess what? Believe
    Beyond what others say. Believe as the sky
    Easily fades to black, that I'll return, not leave.
    To be honest, I'm surprised you haven't seen
    How quickly I'm back for you, my queen

    Heh...that one actually spells out her name. The first letter of each line ^_^

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