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    Biance Novice
    That's a very awesome poem! I haven't had time to write poems since I have to get ready for a play which is this Thursday,I have a whole bunch of homework,and I have chores.
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    I like music Novice
    You seem to do a lot of plays these days, Biance. You'll get famous soon. LOL! I'm sure you'll be very good.
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    bunniesrule Novice
    heres a funny story, my teacher was telling us how to make a type of poem so here how it went:
    teacher:make a this type of poem and
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    bunniesrule Novice
    you can choose the topic"
    Me: *eyes lit up and glared at teacher like hungry moster*
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    bunniesrule Novice
    teacher:"and yes, artemida, it can be about bunnies"
    Class:*roaring with laughter*
    me:*satified look*
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    I like music Novice
    Not funny.
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    I like music Novice
    Another poem.

    Have you ever imagined,
    Riding a creature,
    Such as a dragon?
    Or any freak of nature?

    I would ride my dragon,
    Over tall green mountains,
    And maybe stop,
    To drink at a fountain,

    My dragon would have,
    Yellow scales and red eyes,
    And a long spiky tail,
    For where the enemy lies.

    I'd ride it over the traffic,
    To get to school early,
    And in the mornings,
    I wouldn't be so hectic,

    I could sleep in,
    For 5 more minutes,
    And still have time to feed him,
    And be as early as student number 1.

    This is my dragon,
    The scaly creature,
    With wings so long and wide,
    And flies over nature.
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    I like music Novice
    I call it My Dragon
    But you would have expected that, LOL!
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    I like music Novice
    I just counted all the poems I've written here, 10 poems, and 11 short stories (In my short stories thread)
    And it's growing...
    About 9 songs in Alana's thread, too.
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    I like music Novice
    But I wrote a 10th one. So now I've written 10 songs.
  • emowolf13 Newbie
    I shower her with love
    She is a symbol of peace
    A dove
    But she's gone
    What did I do wrong
    I showered her with it all
    Now she won't return a single call
    I feel betrayed
    Now my hair has grayed
    Old sick and dying
    I am sighing and crying
    For her.
  • emowolf13 Newbie
    I love being near her
    I love to hear her
    Her voice is soft and kind
    A voice that stays in your mind
    Then I see her she looks perfect
    Her favors I never reject
    Her eyes shine lie stars
    She heals my scars
    Her hair is like an angels
    And she wears alot of bangels
    She dances gracefully
    Now I know it was meant to be.
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    I like music Novice
    Wow, that was a really great poem.
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    emowolf13 Newbie
    I write poems everyday. It is what I live for.
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    emowolf13 Newbie
    I feel dead at the moment
    My love for her is now dormant
    She is never coming back
    The thought gives me a heartattack
    She always made me happy
    Without her my life is crappy
    I won't live for another day
    Now that my love has gone away.

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