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    They put him deep in the ground
    He went peacefully without a sound
    But hell didn't want him, nor did heaven
    shot at the side of a 7-11
    his wife cried
    every day until the day she also died

    that was terrible... sorry i'm in one of my moods :/ i just come up with random s---
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    I like music Novice
    All your poems were really good.
  • xXWeeWiiXx Newbie
    All your poems are good. I wish i could write stuff like that, this poem is the best i can do...

    He stomps on goombas,
    Flies through space with Lumas,
    And throws the shells of koopas.
    Who could it be?
    Why its-a me!
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    I like music Novice
    Yeah, I read that one, I thought it was very nice.
  • xXWeeWiiXx Newbie
    I got another one, i dont think its that good though.

    Waiting in your cupboard until your fast asleep,
    And when wou drift into a snooze on your blood he will feast,
    Openin the cupboard door hoping you dont hear,
    Drifting over to your face and sensing food is near,
    He hovers silently over you,
    Knowing that his groesome plan will soon be through,
    He pulls away the shirt that covers your neck,
    And looks upon the surface that his fangs soon will peck.
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    I like music Novice
    OMG!! WOW!!! Great poem!! I liked it!! I will always remember it! That's my "Friends Vampire Poem that we share" LOL wow, that was good, I'm a huge fan of Vampire poems.
  • xXWeeWiiXx Newbie
    Ill write some more then when i get time :D Glad ya liked it
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    I like music Novice
    Here's a poem.

    Walking through the dark cold streets,
    On a cold, December day
    Never letting people's eyes meet,
    I always look away,

    What is this world that we live in?
    Where no one cares anymore,
    That's always full of sins,
    And we always face hell's door,
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    Nicholas0 Newbie
    nice poem
    i have one:

    I like to watch the sea
    I love its blue waves wishing by
    The sea is the best place for me
    But i never knew why
    I love to walk on the sandy banks
    i love to collect the shells in the sand
    i love to sit there during sunset
    its the best place to be at hand

    eh, not so good...
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    Nicholas0 Newbie
    and cool poem wee wii i liked it
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    Nicholas0 Newbie
    thanks clg... why dont you try? i dont write them very often but sometimes i just like to write a few.
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    I like music Novice
    Another poem...

    Gem stones.

    Saphires are radiant blue,
    The shine like stars through the sky,

    Rubies are a fiery red,
    And burn in ones eye,

    Diamonds are crystal clear,
    You look through them to see things near,

    Emeralds are as green as grass,
    With a perfect shine that will always last.

    Very simple, LOL.
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    nice poems u guys, ok heres mine dont laugh:

    Your love is like a swallow
    that flies over the earth and sea
    right up high in to the sky
    and finally rests by me

    your love is like a diamond
    that shines as bright as day
    your smile is like a million bucks
    and what more can i say

    your love is like a treasure
    that i feel i dont deserve you
    if i lost you one of these days
    i wouldnt know what to do

    you make me smile at sad times
    your like the candle of my life
    always burning bright and strong
    and always filled with strife

    i would not know where to go
    or what to say or do
    i really would not know
    you are my quide through life its true

    lets sit together and admire the view
    on a cool spring day
    lets smell the flowers together
    and listen to what the breeze would say

    for me and you will always hug
    and hold eachothers hands
    wed wipe away eachothers tears
    and say "i luv you man"
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    barberbob2 Novice
    that was really nice.

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