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    Biance Newbie
    I also know. Big and brown...lol...mabye the wrong thing to type.
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    I like music Novice
    LOL, I remember yesterday, as soon as I read it I had to leave, and I was laughing in the car...! Oh, and both your poems were nice.
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    HUGE ASS Newbie
    i was gonna giv this to ma krush so i may as well post it here cuz shell never b mine...:(
    tell me wat u think

    withought u
    i dont kno how i can breath
    i dont kno wat 2 do
    wen i hav to leave
    i feel lik if we r not togther
    then my life wil shatter
    so i just want to tell u
    how much i luv u
    n i hope u feel the same way
    each and evry day

    i feel like rippin the paper up now.
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    Hikaru Katsu Novice
    Srry Biance, didn't really read that part, ha ha.
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    sapphiretwirl Novice
    ha ha! i did kinda remind me of s---
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    Biance Newbie
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    Hikaru Katsu Novice
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    Biance Newbie
    It's okay. I forgive you.
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    I like music Novice
    Wow, Sam, that was sad, I mean normally I'd laugh and say that was s---, but I like you, and you seem really depressed, but don't worry, you'll probably find someone else...
  • hippie4life Newbie
    @rachcab21 it not
    Cause just one thing. Would make me say.
    cuz just one sip would make me sick
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    I like music Novice
    Um...WTF, ok.
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    nuva Newbie

    Tears at bay

    Your words crash over me like a title wave
    Another gash is cut into my heart and skin
    I told myself to be brave
    But collapse under the pain
    Falling apart
    Nothing could stop my tears
    My friends try to help
    But I refuse,
    Concentrating on what I never wanted to hear
    My heart speaks her 'mind' freely
    "Another failure, how can he do this to me?
    Oh my aching pain"
    My mind will always respond:
    "Shut up! No need to stir up the rain!
    Don’t worry my fragile thing.
    Just like always it'll go away"
    The madness has torn me apart
    But I try to keep the tears at bay
    They come anyway, drowning me in despair
    This was not right
    So un-fair
    I try so hard as my emotions climb higher
    In order to keep what I can
    Still feel the burning pain, the fire
    I have to try to not sway
    In the wrong direction
    As I try to keep my tears at bay
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    nuva Newbie
    another one i have is:
    I sit by the sparkling pool
    Staring at my reflection
    My once blue eyes
    Clouded with fear
    My lips swollen
    From endless lies
    And fairy tale kisses
    My blonde hair
    Turned red
    From constant anger
    My cheeks stained
    Neck bruised
    But when I look in a mirror
    I see the blue eyed
    Blonde haired, unharmed
    Me that I am
    I look back into the pool
    And see a stranger
    With my face, staring back at me.
    My true reflection.


    Submerged in darkness
    Surrounded by fear
    I’m drowning
    In endless tears
    In aching pain
    That won’t go away
    Cloaked in confusion
    Images passing by too fast
    Like pictures on a flickering television
    I’m drowning
    In never ending nightmares
    In sleepless nights
    Filled with terror
    I’m under water
    I’m cold and yet so warm
    I can’t breathe
    Can’t move
    Something that was forewarned
    I know this feeling all too well
    Sounds like fire and ice
    I’m going straight to hell
    Please am I worth saving?
    Questions with no answers
    I’m drowning

    I couldnt decide which one to post so i did both...hehe i rhymed
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    I like music Novice
    Wow, those were super amazing, I liked the first one most, but all of them were very good, you've got talent, unlike me, I'm not creative with words. I hate myself!
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    I like music Novice
    Why don't I write a poem now? I'll try:

    When you,
    Reach a high point in life,
    And everyone knows it's true,
    And certainly not a lie,
    But what if,
    All that succes went undone,
    And now it's like standing on a cliff,
    You have no chance of one,
    Now meet me when I call you,
    And I'll tell you what you need to do,
    So if I was going to fall,
    Would you be there at two 'o' clock,
    But would you hide behind the wall?
    'Cause if I lose all hope,
    Here you'll have to go,
    And don't cry or mope,
    Becuase then everyone will know.

    Hmm... not very good. f--- it, I'm bored now.

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