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Thread Topic: Poem

  • rebekahgilman Novice
    Just write away
    Don't be shy
    Explore your imagination
    Reach the sky.
    Write about anything
    Be creative, have fun
    Write about your feelings
    Then hit enter when you're done.
    Write a love poem
    or one about fear
    write about war
    something you want everyone to hear.
    Start typing something
    let it show
    start writing
    come on go go go!
  • nessie14 Novice
    french poem:
    Lune, rond et belle,
    suspendue dans le ciele,
    je tu regarde, tu me regarde,
    c'est toi le plus belle dans le ciele.
    Dans le nuit calme, je tu parle,
    un nuage passe, lune, tu tecache.
    Bonne nuit. Je vais dormir aussi.
  • nessie14 Novice
    moon, round and beautiful,
    hanging in the sky,
    i look at you, you look at me,
    you are the most beautiful in the sky.
    in the calm night, i talk to you.
    a cloud passes, moon, you hide.
    good night. i am going to sleep too.
    (it flows better in french!)
  • You Smell Like Milk
    You Taste Like Grass And Milk
    You Sound Like A Cow...Because You Are.
    You Feel Sooooo Good
    You Look Like A Prostitute.
    You Are A Cow Stripper.

    Ok About This Poem...It's a Silly One About An Inside Joke Between me And My mates :P
  • Bambi Novice
    LoL ^^^^ :)
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    Are you singing in French?! You are lucky I can't speak that! Can you understand this: Canta Canta paharito. Canta Canta contuse gorhataose.

    I'm don't even know if that is a real language! Hahaha!
  • Carri04 Novice
    rachcab21 I have no idea what you just said lol
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    Hahaha! You should of hear me singing it out loud! It was horrible!
  • Bambi Novice
    Naw, I bet it wasn't...
    (Hears windows shattering) LoL
    I speak five different languages that are real and 2 that aren't real! LoL ;)
  • teamjacob829 Novice
    i speak english!! and im attempting to learn spanish
  • Anastasia Novice
    Wow Bambi, I only speak English but I really want to learn French and Italian.
  • nessie14 Novice
    im learning french, and wish i could learn latin. i have another poem i wrote myself:

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue.
    if friends were flowers,
    i would not pick you.

    i'd come to your field,
    every single day
    i'd talk to you sweetly
    and chase the bugs away

    i would water you,
    when times were dry
    and when it would storm,
    i'd cover the sky.

    if your stem ever weakened
    i'd be there with a post,
    i'd help you stand up,
    you'd be stronger that most.

    so if friends were flowers,
    i wouldn't take you from your dirt.
    doing so would be selfish,
    and only bring you hurt.

    what do you guys think?
  • Anastasia Novice
    That was really cool. Did you write it?
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    Wow! I hope no one steals that from you. You're pretty good.
  • Bambi Novice
    Whoa, that was awesome! 0.0

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