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  • hacks
  • hacked lolol
    "09 lolol"
  • "bye everyone!"
  • Please take!
    "im not too good with the whole which cities are in whuich states or contries thing. i thought vancouver was by the grand canyon"
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    "ohhhhh...i feel really stupid right now!!"
  • Please take!
    " vancouver in nevada??"
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    "oh...whos riley??"
  • Please take!
    "oh hey carri! where were you??"
  • Please take!
    "huh??????? 0_o majorly confused!"
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  • Please take!
    "yes!! i had some last week!! lol!!"
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    "thats gross!!! i dont wat eat it that often!"
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    "a lot of my friends dont like it but i love it!!"
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    "i think she was talkin gabout jtb...but maybe she was talkin gabout one of us..."
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    "true!! do you like sushi?"

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