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  • hi
    "oh for gods sake, maybe i should just change my account again and shell probably leave me alone then, i mean seeriously just tell me what yo..."
  • need some help please
    "yeah,but i cant stand her loving her,its its aaaaaaaarrgh!!"
  • "not really, sometimes i sit on my computer while my little sister watches them but that's it really lol"
  • hi
    "no, i put "nikki" but it wouldn't let me, said it was invalid, so i had to put two 'x's and why are you so against me?? i have no ide"
  • Gay guys
    "my brother's gay but im not, no way am i gay."
  • Iron Man 2
    "lol, i cant believe yesterday, i got my ass kicked by girls...twice lol"
  • Iron Man 2
    "bambi, my name is nicholas but my nick name is nicky, but i like to spell it nikki because it seems idk,more individual, but people tell me ..."
  • "so i guess thats good in situations like that"
  • "hey, i was typing something really long in the dating and relationships forum, and our internet is slow at the moment, so sometimes when i c..."
  • "im a guy, i could tell you:- well i met this nerdy new girl in my class in sixth grade,and she was in to me (ugh so embrassin"
  • time limit
    "wtf is this time limit whatever thingy?? "
  • " hey cool!! "
  • "oh, so you do that the same way you do the smileys?? let me try it now then lol "
  • GTQ Guy
    "and dont say "we" because there are actually some normal people here, kay ????"
  • GTQ Guy
    "whoa whoa bambi, are you saying now that im not a real person?? that im just someones imaginary friend?? is that it? you f---ing piec"

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