Whats your friend group like?

Thread Topic: Whats your friend group like?

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    ChameleonLeap Experienced
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    Eggaly Junior
    Kinda like the nerds the weebs and the crackheads all rolled into one
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    There's a variety, but the majority are geeks
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    I'mma use fake names

    Grace - The advisor and mama of the group
    Andrea - The total goofball/chatterbox
    Lisa - The soft smol bean, who we all subconsciously protecc
    Carla - Ultimate hardworker, stretchy gorl, my partner in crime (she's the one I do all my crazy shenanigans with)

    I love them all uvu
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    Stardust1 Senior
    H - she's my bestie. She's the mom of the group, very kind and loving, loves to sing, pretty chill

    N - H's younger sister. She's the free spirit girl who's super artistic. We love her bc she's literal sunshine

    M - N's younger sister (yes all 3 girls are sisters). The youngest and the tomboy. Fun, likes tiktok, but usually ghosts our gc for some reason.

    R - He's the dad of the group. Very logical, dad jokes, will bring snacks and an umbrella, likes strategical games. Great conversationalist, extraverted, likes being active, and lots of sarcasm.

    D - R's younger brother. Goofball, likes sports, stupid jokes, literally always smiling. He's also kind of a giant (like 6'2" or something). He and M have a similar personality. Sort of forgetful and oblivious at times but he's friends with everyone somehow.

    We mostly all just play stupid games, card games, and watch movies.
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    D- My "God homie", always has a lot to say, chess master
    E- Dope blaster and spam disaster, but slays with bullet
    H- A stack of subliminal messages, Amateur debater, "OW"
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    Sage - She's so sweet! She was actually my first best friend!
    Isabella - She's quite bossy, even if she is small. But she is rather sensitive!
    Fallon - She's very sensitive, and usually hangs out with Bella!

    But my friend group is falling apart. I don't have Sage's number, but the rest I do. I've been the only one holding contact, but 2 or 3 or more months ago I just stopped contacting them. I gave up. I don't want a one-sided friendship, honestly.
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    HoneyComb Newbie

    My friends are absolute crackheads, sorta like me ig? We all kinda hav the same interests, and we have like a bajillion group chats
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    Ignore the fact that most of us are gay

    Ryan: An absolute weirdo, very loud and boy-crazy, but can be very sweet. She's really supportive and if you get her alone, you could talk to her for hours (bi)
    Ava: Very charming and sweet, but gets kinda flirty. She is pretty crackheaded. She's also really confident, which I admire so much I totally don't have a crush on her ahahaha (pan)
    Kaydence: SUUUPER sweet and very selfless, supportive, but can be really sensitive.
    Gavin: Charming and goofy, and very funny
    Imran: Supportive and funny and kinda dumb sometimes lol, definitely one of my best friends and always open for a conversation. He's one of the first people I came out to.
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    LittleApple Advanced
    B- He’s that gaming dork who loves to talk about games and doesn’t realize he’s nerding out. Also the one who reminds us of important stuff and he supports and helps us through our tough times. We’d be a mess without him.
    He’s also my hubby....
    D- Smart and shy boi. Claims he’s gross but HE IS NOT. He’s the bapey of the group. Very cute and fluffy. xD he’s also hilarious and quirky. We have the same music type!!!
    Y- Funny memer. Practically a walking meme, tbh. But he can be smart, supportive and serious when he wants lmao.. He’s also the gaming nerd in the group LOL. Loves to ramble and spam random s---. Fluffy hair.
    T- He’s the type to shoot himself down a lot, and he isn’t very fond of himself, but we all love him and he’s secretly the turtle in the group. xD He’s the serious one but at the same time, he’s such a meme. coughsTSUNDERE He also plays hard to get with me and refuses to accept my love. :( doesn’t bother to give me love whatsoever ToT
    DP- Cutie, innocent little fluffy ball!! Ironically the oldest in the group. He’s also the philosopher. Loves music and maths.. uwu

    These are the main ones.
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    Actually, only two of my friends know each other. Other than that, none of my friends knows the other.
  • Le1F Advanced
    0 bc i dont kno any other leafs
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    ChameleonLeap Experienced
    Some dudes that are kinda friends

    Nico- Good friend of Alex and Ryan, I don’t know him very well, he seems pretty nice and chill so 👌
    Gavin- A little nerdy, I’m the only one kinda close bc I ship him with like everyone
    Jack- Yeah, y’all know
    Diego- Lol, absolute crackhead
    Santi- Maria’s cousin, he’s really nice and friendly. Rlly tall to 👁👄👁
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    Keno Killjoy Newbie
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    I honestly don't have many friends, and they might not even consider me their friend back, but:

    M - Sensitive, doesn't like words like 'dumb' or 'weird'. She's in advanced Math, but I'm actually smarter than her so that's frustrating.

    I - We're supposed to be friends cause our parents are, but she's kind of annoying, and doesn't know what sarcasm is.

    Ar - Okay, she's more normal. Likes TikTok, slightly popular, stuff like that.

    N - A year younger than me, and her and her older sister are obsessed with TikTok, she's really popular, and has a bunch of friends.

    Ai - She's nice, also a grade below me. Likes sports, or at least good at them. Likes Minecraft too.

    And Me - Smart, Friendly, Kind, Funny...I'm only listing the good stuff.

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