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  • Apocalypse
    "Link washed his dishes, displaced his coffee pot and poured himself a cup of dark brown, steaming liquid. He raised it to his nostrils and t..."
  • Apocalypse
    "Link dressed himself quickly, then walked to the kitchen, coffee pot steaming with vapor, a generator’s faint hum heard somewhere down below"
  • Apocalypse
    "(Afterwards, about 3-4 weeks)"
  • Apocalypse
    "(Very well, I will go first.) Link Lancaster stepped out of the shower, lukewarm water dripping from his skin. The tub was stil"
  • Apocalypse
    "Do you want to start first or shall I?"
  • Kish.
    "The passive aggression in this thread is teeming. Only nine posts yet it’s palpable"
  • The second reality
    "I feel like its too late, but maybe I could join? Also, are all of our characters mystically gender-swapped?"
  • RP Anyone?
    "I got a zombie rp goin on over in Apocalypse, if you’re interested."
  • Apocalypse
    "Alright I’m ready to begin. Is everybody else ready? I can start"
  • Apocalypse
    "It’d be great if we could wait til around tonight as I get off work late"
  • Apocalypse
    "So now we have 5 players and 8 characters if I counted correctly. Do you guys wanna go ahead and start or maybe wait a bit longer and see if..."
  • Roleplay Invite?
    "Yeah that sounds great, maybe like the military lost most of the country but have like a few big cities or even states of healthy people"
  • Apocalypse
    "Name: Nevaeh Simone Gender: Female Age: 17 Appearance: Rather small for her age at 5’2 and about 50kg"
  • Apocalypse
    "Go ahead! Just, if you have an extended leave or whatnot, just leave the group for a bit and go incognito lol"
  • Roleplay Invite?
    "Yo sprinkle, question, how far are we into the apocalypse? I was thinking like a week or maybe a month, enough that the military has mostly ..."

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