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Welcome to the 29th part of my story quiz! Tomorrow, March 8, will be the 1-year anniversary of this series! :D Special shout-outs to Yupthatsmyname and PersonXD, (active readers who've been here the longest, a super-flying-tackle-hug for your dedication to the story :D); in memory of xX3mo_Ang3lXx, Mythologyfreak, pixystixlove94, JKJK (my first dedicated commentors and readers); AiFiahK3mE, _ViolaLover_, Flight, Fiery_Soul, Bluebird, angelic4, Fairygal, PuffBall (the most active commentors and readers an author could ever hope for ;) ); my character creators: KaliaRox, AiFiahK3mE, PersonXD, Yupthatsmyname, and angelic4; and, last, but most certainly not least, a shout-out to all the readers, both current and past, of this quiz: Thank you so much! Love you all ^^

Recap: You went bowling with Stella and Justin. He kissed you, and Stella picked up a guy named Russel ;) When you returned, you spent some time with Cory and then had a girl's sleepover night with Stella. In the morning, everyone except for Cory is out making preparations for the party tonight, so you sneak up an play a prank on him. The doorbell then rings, and, even though you can't see who's on the other side, you open the door...

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. There's a girl there about your age. She's kind of small and almost dainty-looking with brown hair a little past her shoulders and curious hazel eyes. She's pale, but her cheeks and lips are flushed to the perfect shade of pink, and, for some reason, the impression you get is that she's a sweet person. "Oh, hi, is Jack here?" she asks. "Nooo?" you answer slowly, "Who's asking?"
  2. "Oh," she says as if confused, and you see her pull out a paper which she examines, turning it around several times. "I guess I got the wrong address then, sorry to bother you," she apologizes and walks away. You close the door, wondering who that girl was and if she actually was looking for the Jack you know. Cory comes up just as the door closes. "So who was it?" Cory asks. "Oh, some girl. She was asking for Jack, but I told her he wasn't here. She left." "She didn't have brown hair did she?" Cory asks.
  3. "Um, she did, why?" you ask, getting a little concerned that you may have sent the wrong person away. "Um, long, brown hair to her waist and blue eyes? Kind of tall?" Cory adds on. You sigh in relief, "No, that wasn't her at all." Cory seems to let out a breath too, and he laughs, "Good, because that's Jack's date."
  4. "I guess I'll know her if she shows up then," you say. "Yeah, it might not be a good idea to lock her out," Cory laughs, "Cmon', ______, let's get breakfast." "Nah, I already ate breakfast," you decline, "I'll be in my room." "Well I'll know where to find you then when I start to get separation anxiety from being away from you too long," Cory winks.
  5. Up in your room, you sit on your bed, swinging your legs absently. What did you want to come up here for anyway? Anima flies a circle around your head, tickling your cheek with its tail feathers, and perches on your shoulder. That's it. You can read in that book Stella gave you a little to occupy yourself until you had something you had to do. You get up and walk to your desk where you had put the book the night before. Calligraphy on the first page titles the book as Encylopedic History of the Milia and All Associated With: Volume I. The next page has a short poem-like verse written in elongated script:
  6. To those who seek within my pages deep, fey you may be but human not. If you desire knowledge, I will provide, but be you watchful of knowledge's eyes. If you desire guidance, it is not my concern, yet the world of the fey has a lot to learn. If you desire information, you may read, but should I teach more, do not impede. If evil be your desire, I must insist that, though I cannot fight, I will resist. Lastly, I must impart, that be you not of fey nor human heart, I know who you are and here you have come, at last, place your hand on the circle and glimpse your connected past. The verse takes up about half the page, and at the bottom of the page is the mentioned circle, a thick, black inked circle with purple designs in it.
  7. Reading through it again, it is the book's last comment that gets you. "be you not of fey nor human heart..." You know that you probably don't classify as a full human seeing you have wings, fangs, magic, and all that stuff, but you don't feel like you can quite classify as fey since technically, you don't have any immortal lineage. You take a deep breath. There's only one way to find out...
  8. You place your palm on the inside of the circle and lay your hand flat on the page. Nothing seems to happen at first, but then the circle glows with a white light and the puple designs start to move, some clockwise, some counterclockwise. Though it's the farthest thing at this moment, you're reminded of the combination lock on your locker. The letters forming the verse seems to jumble up and melt away from the page. The ink spells a new phrase. Welcome, Milia, to our world. The page heats up, and you have to take your hand off of the paper. The pages start flipping of their own accord, and it stops on a page in the middle of the book. You edge closer, wary, but the book doesn't do anything else. What you see on that page makes you gasp.
  9. _______: Milia of New Generation It has your birthdate under it as well as some biographic infomation about you and a picture of you in your magical form, set against a monochromatic background. Anima is pictured flying above your head and it looks like you're reaching toward the darkest part of the picture, where the shadows lie. In that section of the picture is a necklace with a circular disk pendant, no it looks more like a cage of silver with amethysts and diamonds that encapsulates a glass disk. The caption below reads: _______, Milia of the New Generation and Changer of Worlds. Pictured with familiar, Anima, and Spirit Medallion.
  10. You have little time to think over what just happened because at that moment, the doorbell rings again. "I'll get it," you shout out as you race down the steps, and arrive, out of breath at the door. Cory reaches it at the same time you do, "_______, you didn't have to run all the way down, I'm right here to get it." You just shrug and open the door.
  11. It's that girl again. "Hey, um, are you sure that Jack's not here?" she asks. Cory takes a step back and looks like he's looking hard at the girl, "Have we met before?" She looks surprised at his question, "I wouldn't see why, but... I don't think so?" "I'm pretty sure I've seen you before," Cory says, "What's your name?" "Well, what's yours?" the girl counters. "I asked you first," Cory insists. "Look, I know Jack should be here, and I need to talk to him about tonight. It's very important," the girl says. "Tonight?" you ask, "Are you going to the party?" She nods, "Yeah, the masquerade ball, Jack told me that he needs more help. Can I talk to him?"
  12. "Here, come in," you invite her, "Jack's out right now, but you can wait here until he comes back. So we never did get properly introduced, I'm _______, and you are?" "I'm Lacey," the girl introduces herself as she enters the house. You notice she's carrying a big black tote bag. "Hey, Lacey, what's in the bag?" Cory asks. "My dress and stuff, and you are?" she replies. "Cory," he says and all of a sudden he jumps as if he just remembered something, "Oh, I have to go tend to my food, don't miss me too much."
  13. You make a disbelieving noise, and Lacey laughs, "Is he always like that?" You nod, "Sadly, yes." "So is there a place I can put my stuff?" Lacey asks. After some thought, you decide to lead her to the guest wing of the house, after all, she is a guest. "So how do you know Jack?" you ask her. "The team I'm part of is semi-part of his. We're kind of like the magic-focused side of his team. We tried getting Ellie to join because she was interested in Faerie magic, but she wanted to stay with her big brother," Lacey explains, "By the way, you don't seem to be only an elf and angel mix. I'm going to take a guess and say that you're the Milia we're supposed to protect?" "That's what everyone knows me as," you say, shrugging, "Excuse me for asking, but what are you?" "Angel heritage mixed with faerie," Lacey smiles.
  14. "Cool," you smile, and you talk with Lacey for a while until you start to get hungry. Both you and Lacey go to the kitchen for some food, and find Justin in the kitchen. You introduce Justin and Lacey to each other, and Justin asks what you two would like to eat. You feel like eating pasta. "Okay," he agrees, "Lacey, do you want anything?" "I'm not feeling that hungry, but... I kind of want a lollipop," she replies. "Ok then," Justin laughs, and he pulls out a container from one of the cabinets, handing it to her for her to choose one. Meanwhile, he makes your food, and you all sit down at the dining table.
  15. "I see you found the left-overs, Justin," you say, and he laughs, "Yeah, glad to see that you actually did save me some. I ran over here to make sure." You laugh, "Wow, well I guess it was worth it because it does taste good." "Hey, did you know that Strawberry Shortcake in candy form actually tastes really good?" Lacey says. "No?" Justin says, and Lacey continues, "Well it does in this lollipop." You laugh, "I'll keep that in mind."
  16. "Well I'm done," you announce, finishing the last of your food. "Me too," Lacey chimes in. You both look at Justin. "One sec," he says, quickly eats the rest of his food, and hurries to catch up to you two as you head to the kitchen to put your dishes away. "You know that really comfy recliner in the living room?" Lacey asks you, and you nod. "I call it," she exclaims as she starts running through the dining room. You laugh and follow after her, but, in the living room, where the wooden floor is slippery, you slide and crash right into her because you're running so quickly. The impact sends you both sliding across the floor until she falls, bringing you down with her. Luckily, she fell on a pillow, and both of you slowly slide to a stop. By now, you're both in a fit of giggles. "That was fun," you shout in between giggles. "It looked like it was," Cory comments. He must have seen it all happen since he was sitting on the chair facing the dining room.
  17. "I have to do that again," Lacey laughs, and she takes a running start before stoppping and sliding across the room, nearly crashing into Justin as he comes into the living room. You laugh and start sliding around too, and Justin and Cory eventually join in. Eventually it turns into some game that's like bumper cars, a pillow fight, and wrestling all in one. You're all having a great time, laughing until your stomach hurts. Racing away from Cory, who's threatening to tickle tackle you to the ground, you're not looking where you're going and run into Jack who just entered the room.
  18. You nearly fall down backwards, but he catches you. Jack looks amused at the scene, "So this is what you people get up to when Kris and I are out of the house?" Lacey glides up on a pillow, "Oh, hey, Jack, I hope you don't mind I came early." "Nah, that's actually a good idea, is the rest of your team coming?" he asks. She shakes her head, "They'll just be outside the complex as backup-backup. Most of them don't want to be anywhere near those people. Well, I don't either. They're kind of scary, but I'll help however I can. Besides, I found a perfect outfit for it." "Oh, _______, I'm assuming you and Lacey know each other now?" Jack addresses you. You nod and smile, "Yeah, we get along." "Great," he smiles, "By the way, has anyone seen Kris?"
  19. Everyone shakes their heads. "Okay, well I have to go pick up my date for the ball, I'll be back within an hour. Don't demolish the house while I'm away" Jack laughs, and he adds in a quieter tone to only you, "See you later, _______. Sorry I haven't been around too much recently." He hugs you and leaves. A little after, Stella and Luna come into the room. "Hey peeps," Stella greets everyone while Luna just smiles serenely. Stella sees Lacey and jump-flying squeeze hugs her, "Lacey! You didn't tell me you would be here; I haven't seen you in forever!" When Stella lets go, Lacey takes a deep breath and laughs a little weakly due to her need to take in more air, "Nice to see you too, Stella."
  20. Stella turns to look at you. She puts her hands on her hips, "Excuse me, miss, I think you forgot something about today. You know what I mean, come on, we need to get ready!" "It's still afternoon, Stella," you tell her, unwilling to change out of your super comfy pajamas just yet. "Um, _______, I don't know if you've looked at a clock recently, but it's 4 o' clock," Stella informs you, "Emilia is supposed to come and pick us up at around 6 because the party starts at 8, and she's supposed to get there early. Plus you should probably eat before we leave, so there's actually very little time to get ready. Don't you feel the rush, woman?" She pulls you behind her as she goes to your room, and Lacey follows behind.
  21. Stella snaps her fingers 3 times when you arrive in your room, and 3 suitcases pop out of thin air. "Nice," Lacey compliments and she snaps her fingers too, making her black tote appear in her hand. Lacey moves her hand in a sweeping motion over the suitcases and they pop open, setting up a makeup area with enough cosmetics for a department store, taking out Stella's outfit, and revealing an assortment of jewelry, clips, and hair tools. "You have to teach me how to do that, Lacey," Stella says, "And all right girls, we gots a mission. Everybody better look smokin' when we're done or else we've done our job wrong, capiche?"
  22. The first thing that the three of you do is get changed into your gowns. You were dreading getting out of your pajamas after you've been lounging around all day, but you forgot that your dress feels soft and relatively comfortable too. Looking in a floor-length mirror that Stella brought as well, you already feel different in the gown, more confident and mature. Since Stella explains that being in magical form is mandatory at Blake's parties, both she and Lacey change into their respective immortal forms. Even though you've already seen Stella in her strapless magenta silk ballgown, you've never seen her in it in her magical form, and you have to admit, she looks like a princess. Lacey's dress, you obviously haven't seen before since you only met her today. It's a pale peachy pink strapless dress with a wide skirt that has tulle for volume. The top is corset-like and decorated at the top and bottom with golden ribbon, beads, and glass gems. The dress seems to fit her perfectly, bringing out the pinks in her lips and cheeks, and the golds in her delicate-looking golden wings which seem relatively small at a foot each and semi-transluscent. After you get into your dresses, you move onto hair, makeup, and accessories. While getting ready, Stella decides to bring up to boy topic.
  23. Stella starts it off by saying, "So, _______, I think it's the perfect time to go over those boy things we've been putting off talking about." You don't say anything back, apprehension forming a small whirlpool in your stomach. "Let's start with... you and Justin. Is something up there? You two were awfully quiet yesterday, and the alley was dark... and I remember that time when we were camped out..." "Um... nothing... much is going on," you say. Stella senses your reluctance, "Spill." "He... kind of kissed me yesterday," you explain, "I wasn't expecting it." Stella pauses midway in putting on mascara, and she looks stunned. "Whoa, you and Justin? What kind of a kiss? Like a kiss kiss? On the lips? Was it a french kiss? Were your tongues involved?" In the mirror, you can see yourself blushing from embarrassment at all of Stella's questions. "Thanks Stella, now I don't even need any blush," you comment. She laughs, "Aw, _______, I just want to know what's going on in my best friend's life."
  24. "Okay, okay," you say, giving in, and you tell her all that's been happening boy-wise in the past couple of days. When you finish, she whistles, "Whoa girl, you're obviously doing something right. I mean I kind of suspected that the guys liked you, and, okay, I admit it, I've kind of been aiding a couple of them, but I've been missing all this juicyness? This is like a romance story. And do you know which guy is for you or what?"
  25. "I see," Stella says to your answer, "Anyway, I'll stop harrassing you, now, Lacey, you should tell me about your romance life." After a short chat with Lacey, the conversation inevitably turns on Stella who talks all about Russel. Apparently, the plan to meet up didn't work out this morning, so they're going to meet up sometime next week, "pending further notice". By now, you've got on your jewelry (which includes your 2 necklaces), some make-up (amount to your preference), and you're trying to decide what to do with your hair. Stella notices, "I'll help, _______." She takes a curling iron and starts turning your hair into loose curls. She pulls back some of the hair and fastens it with an amethyst brooch-like clip. "There, mission accomplished for you, darling," she laughs, hanging you your mask. Putting it on, you assess yourself in the mirror. Like before, you feel more confident and mature, but now you also feel like you look mysterious, glowing, compelling, and dare you say it? Sexy.
  26. "Them boys going to have a hard time keeping their lips restrained," Stella laughs as she puts her own mask, which if you remember is covered in white and gold feathers in a fan-shape with gold glitter around the eyes. Thinking about it, besides wings, it also reminds you of white peacocks. Lacey also puts her mask on which is pale pink like her dress with pink glitter by the eyes, gold glitter curlicue patterns, and gold ribbon on the edges of the mask. The three of you look in the mirror, and it seems to you that the masks really do do something in the way of concealing your identities. Stella spends the next 15 minutes taking pictures, "whether you like it or not" was her phrasing, until she somehow "lost" the batteries, and you notice that they "mysteriously" end up in Lacey's purse. With that done, the three of you start to head downstairs, with Stella in front and you bringing up the rear with Anima on your shoulder.
  27. "Yo, dudes, listen up and get over here," Stella shouts down the stairs, "The ladies are coming down." You hear people moving, and someone starts a drumroll. There's a crowd at the bottom of the staircase leading to the first floor. Jack, Kris, Cory, and Justin are all there along with Luna and 3 teenage girls, but, with all eyes on you, you're not paying attention to who they are. You keep one hand on the railing, to prevent yourself from tripping on the long hem of your dress. All you can pay attention to right now is not falling on your face.
  28. "So guys, what do you think of _______," Stella asks with a sly smile. Predictably and immeadiately, Cory wolf-whistles and says, "Is it hot in here to anyone else? Or is it just because _______ is smokin' hot?" You roll your eyes, and he just winks. "Wow, Cory, so original. Well, I think _______ looks radiant and... perfect," Jack comments. "Like that's so unique," Cory jokes with Jack. While they jibe back and forth, Kris chooses to tell you through you mind, "You look so beautiful, _______." "Thanks," you mouth to him with a shy smile. "Justin?" Stella prods. "Um, well, wow, I've never seen you like this," Justin says, "It's... different. Good different I mean. Like..." Justin trails off, seeming like he's lost the ability to find the right word.
  29. "Don't you all look so precious," Luna gushes, "It's like a prom night for supernaturals except only 2 of you know what the concept of a date is. Now if I had set up the couples..." Luna prattles on, and Emilia, who you now notice is one of the girls you saw at the base of the staircase, talks over her, "It's great and all that we look good, but we're running a little late. You guys can drool all you want later." She seems a little more irritable than usual, but it's probably the stress getting to her. Either that or her yellow body-hugging gown is overly constricting her. Her strawberry blond hair is tucked into a neat bun at the back of her head and she's wearing a white and gold mask decorated in glitter. Even though she seems to be in a bad mood, you have to admit that somehow she still manages to look good while doing it.
  30. As if snapped back to reality, everyone starts moving to get ready: Cory goes to get food for the road, Luna, Jack, and Kris are on their phones for last-minute preparations, and everyone else is doing last-minute touch-ups or searching for their shoes. You end up being the first one ready because you already had your shoes on from before. Using the waiting time, you look at the two unknown girls. Both girls are about the same height, but one is a brunette while the other has black hair. The brunette's hair is wavy and very long; it goes all the way to her waist. The darkness of the color of her hair provides good contrast to the simple, sleeveless white gown that she's wearing. Something about it's simplicity radiates and freshness. In her hand, It's silver with a swan artfully made out of curled lines that forms the right side of the mask. glitter swirls and swirl cutouts decorate the mask. When she looks up, her eyes connect with yours as if she knew you were looking at her, and she approaches you. "Hi," she smiles, "I'm Oceana."
  31. You smile back, "I'm _______." Up close, you can see her eyes are deep blue like an ocean and similar to the color of Jack's, but she has gold and purple flecks within them. It's almost like seashells and sand at a beach you think. You also notice that she's wearing a thin silver necklace with a small pendant of a leaping dolphin. Miniscule sapphires dot the bottom edge like droplets of water and a small diamond winks from the eye of the dolphin. "You're Jack's date, right?" you ask her. She shrugs, "I wouldn't really call it a date. Thinking of Jack in any other way than a friend and my leader just seems foreign to me, but if you mean am I going with him, then yes. By the way..." She leans in closer to you and whispers, "I know you don't know me well yet, but I've heard things about you already from Jack. If it wasn't so dangerous, I know he would have liked you to be his date. He likes you, ________, I can tell."
  32. You don't have time to respond to her, though, because Emilia calls her over for something. Meanwhile, next to you, Cory is having difficulty with tying his shoe. "Um, do you need help, Cory?" you ask, in the politest way you can. "It's this mask; it's the awkwardest thing to see out of," Cory tells you. "Then why don't you take it off?" you suggest. "Oh... duh," he facepalms, "What would I do without you, _______?" He takes off his skinny white mask that's flared at the corners, which makes you pay more attention to the rest of his outfit which is a tuxedo with a black cape that has a red satin underlining. After he ties his black dress shoes, he stands up, puts his mask back on, and places a top hat on his head which he soon sweeps off in an elaborate bow to you. "Milady," he addresses you, smiling subtlely, "I believe I found something belonging to you." You're about to ask what when he sweeps his hand in a grand gesture and produces a single long-stemmed rose. "Ah, here it is," Cory hands the rose to you, "And I believe you have something of mine as well, but my heart is yours to keep." He winks.
  33. Stella passes by and she raises an eyebrow, "Practicing your charm for the ladies on _______, Cory?" He grins, "My charm needs no practice; it comes naturally." Stella makes a disbelieving noise and then says, "By the way, this isn't supposed to be a straight-up costume party. Why'd you dress like Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon?" "Hm? I just googled 'masquerade ball' and his look looked the easiest to copy," Cory says. Stella sticks a tongue out at him, "Well it's an anime character, and you look kind of like him except for the eyes. I hope you're prepared for Sailor Moon references." "Oh, I have to pretend like I know this stuff? Teach me, Stella," Cory walks off with Stella after another tip of the hat to you. You scan the room, and see that the other unknown girl and Kris seem ready as they're sitting next to the staircase, not doing anything. You decide to go talk to them.
  34. When you approach them, they stand up. "Hey, _______," Kris smiles, "I don't think you've met Gloria?" "Hi, and no, I haven't," you say. "Okay, _______, this is Gloria, well she goes by Kalia. She's a friend of mine, and she'll be accompanying us tonight. Kalia, this is _______... the girl I've been telling you about," Kris introduces you two. Like you noticed before, Kalia has long black hair to about her mid-back, and it's cut with a side fringe which she has pushed to the left side of her face. From the wings on her back, you guess she's a fallen angel as well. Her dress is a silvery gray one-strapped dress with an a-line skirt. The top is bejeweled and seems to shimmer even when she's not moving, and a sash with a sparkly swirl separates the top and bottom parts of her dress. The mask she's wearing is gray as well with a swirl shape on one side and intricate, tiny patterns in silver. Her eyes like Kris's are gray with the slightest hints of purple, and they seem gentle yet have a depth to them that seems worldly and sad. "Hi, nice to meet you," you greet her. She smiles slightly back, "Same here. It's nice to meet the girl who's had such an impression on Kris." You blush slightly as does Kris a little. "You have," he admits quietly.
  35. "Thanks," you tell him, touched by the simple words, and you give him a hug. He returns the hug, and you can appreciate the softness of the black silk shirt he's wearing . He holds you close to him for a minute and plants a kiss on your cheek. "Be safe for me, _______," he says. "I did promise you that," you smile. "All right, everyone, get over here. We're going to go over the plan once more at Jack's request, so drop what you're doing and get over to the stairs," Emilia orders, and, in a slightly more inside-voice tone, she asks you, "Where is that human of yours?" "We all happen to be human," you remind her, "But... I don't know. He was just here; I'll go find him." You turn around to go into the living room, but don't find him there. Justin's not in the dining room or kitchen either, so you take the hallway on the other side of the living room. You notice that the double doors to the guest area are ajar, so you walk in and find Justin in the hallway, just sitting there on the floor in the dimming sunlight. He's wearing his black suit with a black shirt and no tie, and his blue-and-green-hatted jester mask is by his side. You go up to him and sit by his side, exhaling loudly to let him know you're there.
  36. "What's up, _______?" he asks. "I think you need that question more than I do, Justin," you say, "But I came because we're about to go over the plan, and everyone's supposed to be there." Justin sighs, "Okay, I was just thinking..." "Thinking what?" you inquire. "Thinking that... my life is all upside down and no one knows," Justin responds, "My family and the whole school go on as normal without me, and I'm not a part of this life either. I'm suspended somewhere between, and I know that you and Stella are there for me and everything... it's just, I was... thinking." You just give him a hug and tell him, "Justin... you think too much." He laughs, "Maybe I do. Anyway, we should probably get going. That girl in the yellow already doesn't like me very much." Both of you get up, but you notice a low murmur of a song. Once you notice it, it starts to rise in volume, and you realize it's from Anima who is flying in looping circles overhead. Each circle brings Anima lower, closer, until she's circling around you and Justin. Your necklace from Blake starts glowing white and tendrils of... energy, you guess, are extending from it towards Justin, climbing suspended through the air like liquid at zero-gravity.
  37. The energy touches him on the chest and seems to soak into him. His eyes start to glow purple, and you feel something happening with your mind. You're thrown into a sickeningly fast slideshow of memories with Justin, each not even long enough for you to comprehend what they're about. You feel like you're being yanked, and suddenly, it all stops. You're in a school bus, but the weird thing is is that time seems to be frozen. The people on the crowded bus are frozen, a paper ball is stuck in midair, and, when you look outside, the bus is suspended in black space. This is weird. Especially once you realize that you know this exact setup of people from 5 years ago. This was a snapshot from the end of your first day of school and happens to be when you met Justin. Speaking of him, you can see him at the back of the bus, looking as confused as you feel. "Justin," you call out to him, and he looks up. Obviously, he's not part of this illusion area. "_______, what's going on?" he asks.
  38. "I'm not sure, Justin, but... isn't this exact bus ride when we first met?" you ask. He looks around, "Yeah... it is..." You poke him, and he seems solid. "Sorry, just checking something," you explain. Before you can warn him, Justin sticks his head out of a window, "What the-" He comes back inside looking more confuzzled and closes his eyes to take a deep breath. Suddenly, the whole place starts to waver. You reach, trying to grasp something because you feel like you're falling, but everything is insubstantial and slips through your attempts. You're back in the guest hall again. Besides you and Justin, nothing seems to have changed, except Anima who flutters onto your shoulder, and you swear that if a bird could look smug, that is exactly what she was. Justin looks weirded out, "Did you end that, _______?" You shake your head, "No, I didn't do anything. Maybe it was Anima who stopped singing." "Oh. Okay," Justin agrees in an almost relieved voice.
  39. "Any specific reason why you ask?" you question him. "Well... um..." he starts, "Never mind, it's nothing. I just thought... the place all seemed to go away at the same time I was wishing for it to." "Huh, that's weird," is all you can think to reply to that. "Yo, lovebirds," Stella appears at the doorway, "Emmy's getting the teensiest bit pissed off, ready to come join the rest of us?" "We're not a couple," you remind Stella as all three of you walk back to the foyer. "What took you so long?" Emilia demands. "Well, we had a weird experience," you start, and you explain what happened with the event and Anima. At the end of your story, Luna jumps up. "Oh my, I can't believe it! I know what happened!"
  40. I know some of you might hate this, but -cliffhanger- Also, if you haven't read the introductory paragraph, please do so now :) Anyway, who do you like?

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