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  • "You should probably choose a big strong man with lots of patience for wimpy females."

    I was in the 70% range, and that was part of the result?... It isn't very accurate. So I haven't put shingles on a roof, that makes me wimpy? Yeah, okay then.. o.O

    Not very accurate, and rather boring and monotonous.. Besides, that doesn't accurately measure usefulness.. Doing something once in the past is no guarantee you're actually useful in that field for the future...

  • You're okay at this, but you might need someone around to take care of difficult things. I don't want to be sexist, but you should probably choose a big strong man with lots of patience for wimpy females.

    I got that result for a 78%? that's not even a bad percentage.

  • its pretty much saying i can barely get by. well thats not true. actually everyone in my house is to lazy to do anything so i always have to do it, i do just fine. i have also had to take care of my two little brothers since they were born. I can definately manage. Either way though accurate or not, interesting quiz nonetheless.

  • I blow my own nose, thank you very much, weird quiz maker. The only reason why I got a 30% is that I'm 11 and I only help out sometimes. Otherwise, Good quiz. Most quizzes I see have awful grammar and make no sense.

  • I got 78. I don't like squishing spiders, I like capturing them and letting them outside, so i answered no. Results are kind of rude, lol.

  • Well, I should, considering I'm the one who usually does things like those around here.

  • I got 89% well it does come under independence I had to do this when I was 14 years old.

    Dotty Who
  • 39%. Well, I think I really need some practice in life.

  • I really don't know anyone that has NOT done all of those!

  • i am domesticated!!! its all life lessons learned


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