Domestic Usefulness Index

There are a lot of people in the world who enter life without the knowledge to do basic household tasks like feed themselves, wash their clothing, or clean up after pets and small children. Are you one of them? How useful are you in the maintenance of a decent standard of living?

Are YOU useful around the house? Do you have the capabilities to make life easier for those around you? Until now, you could only hope so and try to remember what your parents did when the sink overflowed. But now, thanks to this great quiz, in just two minutes you will be able to find out what you need to work on to be a perfectly independent young man (or woman)!

Created by: Linda
  1. Have you ever washed dishes?
  2. Have you ever swept a floor?
  3. Have you ever mopped a floor?
  4. Have you ever squished a spider, cockroach, or other insect in your house?
  5. Have you ever cleaned out a sink drain or a toilet using chemical cleaners or a "snake"?
  6. Have you ever taken out the trash?
  7. Have you ever replaced a lightbulb?
  8. Have you ever done a load of laundry?
  9. Have you ever cooked eggs on the stovetop?
  10. Have you ever cooked pasta?
  11. Have you ever made bacon on a stovetop?
  12. Have you ever chopped or sliced fish, vegetables, fruit, or bread?
  13. Have you ever cleaned up the vomit or excretions of a pet or child?
  14. Have you ever cleaned the cage of a small animal like a rat, guinea pig, hamster, lizard, or snake?
  15. Have you ever taken off the used-up roll and put on a new roll of toilet paper?
  16. Have you ever done and/or folded laundry? Bonus points if you've folded someone else's.
  17. Have you ever hammered in a nail? Bonus points for hammering furniture back together, shingles onto a roof, or siding back onto a wall.
  18. Have you ever found, unfolded, and climbed a ladder so you could do a higher task?

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