What Toyota 4X4 are you?

There are some people out there were born to either drive trucks or SUVs. A lot people prefer power and balls, but this survey is for you Toyota 4X4 owners who know whats up and for those who are looking into Toyta 4X4s. Domestic vehicle owners may not like foreign vehicles, but this company blows most companies away by far.

Are you driving the right Toyota 4X4? Do you need help finding a Toyota 4X4 that fits your lifestyle? Take this quiz and see for yourself. This quiz works for people who dont have a toyota 4X4, people who do have one, and those domestic 4X4 owners looking for something better.

Created by: John
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How often do you use 4 Wheel Drive?
  2. What do you use your 4X4 for?
  3. Are you concerned about fuel economy?
  4. gears or power?
  5. Are you going to put a lift kit and bigger tires on it?
  6. Is this your daily driver?
  7. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors or at home?
  8. Do you carry around cargo that is easily stolen or ruined?
  9. Do you have any toys? (i.e. 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, etc.)
  10. Do you carry around tools and equipment that is exposed to mud, dirt, grease, etc?
  11. do you prefer luxury or ability?

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Quiz topic: What Toyota 4X4 am I?