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  • ok i new i already commented on this a while ago but i took it again (like 3 months l8r) being the dork that i am and thinkin its a new quiz *cough* im dum *cough* and this time got


    again, i wish... LOL dats wat our friends hav been tryin 2 tell us cuz theyve been tryin 2 get us 2gether 4 like 6 months now. 2 bad im 2 embarrassed 2 do anythin =p i think he is 2

  • Your Result: he likes you

    he sorta likes you, but doesnt really want anyone to know. he still thinks he needs to get to know you a little more, but really wants to. go after him... and anything can happen! enjoy.

    Aww =D

  • This quiz is right! I took this quiz for my younger sister. She says he always tries to make her laugh, sit next to her, and once he tried to kiss her on the cheek! Oh, little kids~

  • This quiz is not 100/ correct cuz (no offence) i KNOW my boy LOVES me cuz he sometimes says it and he just is cute around me and he always listens to me (and he does what I tell him to lolz)

  • Please stop the stupid copying and pasting thing this is not what it's for its for sharing results

  • He's head over heels mad in love with me apparently. I know it's probably not accurate but it still made me smile :)

  • Wondering where you'll meet your summer soulmate?Take my quiz,"Where will you meet your summer crush?".

  • I like this one boy in school, but I don't know if he likes me. everyone says he does, but I don't know. I am pretty sure he doesn't think I am a dope, maybe he is really shy like me.

  • I got he likes u it was a ok quiz i mean i already new he likes me i got friends that are his friends and figure that stuff out

  • i have 2 crushes and the first one you said is hes head over heals for me and hes my best guy friend cuz most of the guys i was friends with only liked me for my looks and body and he doesnt. the 2n on you said he thinks im dope but cuz ive never talked to him at school and the closest ive ever been next to him was like 2feet close cuz hes always with his friends but he knows who im am and all cuz ive talked to him on facebook and all but he never talks to me at school but computer we just always chat away but hes flerted with me a couple times like always complementing me on my pictures but then never in poblice i think its stpid.

  • Does not work at all!!!!
    I'm a boy and tried this and
    There's this girl I really like
    It says I think she's "a total dope"
    But she's really awesome

  • I got the quiz result description saying he likes me. I only just met him today, but I do get the feeling that he likes me... I will keep you updated and we will see if the quiz is correct or not!

    Oh and spammers, please f--- off.

  • This quiz is completely right! He does like me, sorta. Followed this quiz's advice and now I am dating him, thanx quiz maker!

  • Fashionista, exactly who are you talking to? All of us? Cause if you are talking to all of us you will have to do a loootttt of comforting

    Starwars lover
  • I got Head over Heels in Love with you... That don't surprise me.... I mean it is my boyfriend I took this quiz for.... I miss him... I'm sad just typing this because it makes me miss him more:/

  • I got he totally loves me but he told my friend he dont like me cuz he asked if i still liked him n i said no so he said no n now im soo confused!!! n i think he does but he told her no then she asked if he hated me n said no he just dont like but he keeps acting like he does n im so confused!!! :o

  • i have a quiestion. so this guy sits across from me in english so wer face to face. he always is loking at me and i can see from the corner out of my eye he will look up quickly and watch me, thinking i cant see him. then when i start to turn my head his way, he looks down quickly. a boy who sits next to me in physics brought up me having 7th period lunch and was like "oh steves in your lunch." i was like "oh yeah he is but we havent ever talked." than the boy in physics, who is friends with the boy in english, says "steves the man. you two would look cute.ou should go out." but i havent ever talked to this steve so most of these quizzes arent accurate. i need some real life advice. is he just watchin me cuz im interesting or funny or does it mean something?

  • I have known this kid since kindergarten. he is a totalsweetheart.We kinda (broke up) in kinder garten and didnt see each other until 4th there is this girl that used to be one of my bffs in 1st and 4th grade her name is ------ but another word for her is B****!!!!!!!! She got together with The guy I like :(. And he the gy i like also thinks she is a B****!aND HE WONT BRAKE UP WITH HER.This test said that he likes me and I dont know if thats agood thing or a bad thing by Soccerlvr 1414

  • Their is this guy in my school, i think he likes me but he don't know how to express his feelings. sometimes I get confused,what do you guys think i should do.Ignore him?or give him a chance?

  • LOL! He does every one of these!! He sometimes even touches my hen he puts his arm around me and squeezes me and when he says he's going to move soon, he will miss me..XD

  • I took this quiz a few months ago and it said YES but now I take it and it says no, so....


  • Wow I got he likes me he really likes you he loves you he's head over heels and I doubt even have a crush on anyone LOL

  • Thinks I'm a total dope.. I seriously don't mind because I'm not sure if he is or isn't my crush yet, haha!

    Mysterious Cat
  • 'Your Result: he likes you 79%

    he sorta likes you, but doesnt really want anyone to know. he still thinks he needs to get to know you a little more, but really wants to. go after him... and anything can happen! enjoy.'

    I hope your right!!!!

  • My crush... or crushes like me... I think well at least one of them do the other has a girlfriend. But the guy who likes me is a total jerk and flirts and hangs out with other girls all the time... it ticks me off... well life sucks sometimes :(


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