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  • This quiz says he loves me! I mean, I guess. He does act shy around me. He doesn't really say anything to me, but he smiles and looks at me. If i see he looks away quickly. And to everyone else he is very outgoing so....

    Kat Nari Jul 12 '18, 1:10PM
  • Wow I got he likes me he really likes you he loves you he's head over heels and I doubt even have a crush on anyone LOL

    Mira99 May 13 '18, 4:10PM
  • I don't have a crush anymore xD

    CheeseballAlien Apr 25 '18, 5:25PM
  • My friend is my crush.. it said he thinks I'm a dope..? Omg.. I think the quiz lied to me. 😶

    CheeseballAlien Apr 25 '18, 5:24PM
  • Hehehe.. i am dope
    Cool quiz. TY sarah

    jemah jempot Apr 15 '18, 11:47PM
  • Yay!! My crush likes me!!! I really like him. Good luck guys with making your crush out! Lol jk I'm not that mean. ;)

    Dacat Mar 1 '18, 6:30AM
  • HI! Can u plz try my quiz, are you a true girly girl. It's my first

    Cutiegirl6_098 Feb 4 '18, 7:07PM
  • He likes me, according to your quiz. Maybe, maybe not...who knows...

    Stardust1 Jan 30 '18, 11:11PM
  • He crushes over me. Yay. :) He's two years older than me too.

    DracoMalfoyFan Jan 16 '18, 10:00AM
  • He likes me. I think he is either really bad at flirting, bad at being mean, or just plain weird.

    PikaKitty10 Nov 18 '16, 9:52PM
  • He likes me. I think he is either really bad at flirting, bad at being mean, or just plain.

    PikaKitty10 Nov 18 '16, 9:51PM
  • Not true AT ALL you said he thinks I'm s total dope but he doesn't. We're in the same class and he gives me extra stuff, like I didn't have my agenda signed but he gave me a ticket anyways. LIER I have all the proof in the world he doesn't think that. Also you had a lot of questions that there was no answer I could do. Like the "does he smell good around you" and a lot of other ones. Like a lot.

    AnimalAveril Nov 11 '16, 11:32AM
  • Um... the last question should have a four plus box. My lover is 5 years older than me:)

    Ray Mic Mac Sep 28 '16, 6:37PM
  • He pokes me a lot.... my nose... my arm.... my for head :3

    ashycadashy Sep 9 '16, 5:55PM
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    Lexi24 Jul 27 '16, 6:58AM
  • Say iPhone three times then repost on another quiz. Tonight look under your pillow.

    Saara_K Jul 17 '16, 8:05AM
  • oh yesssssssss.

    Ultralogic Apr 22 '16, 6:58PM
  • Does He Like Me?
    Your Result: He is in Head Over Heals MAD Love for YOU!

    Wow! Lucky girl.. this boy is crazy for you! don't let him slip by. he thinks about you day and night and every second in between. all he wants is for you to like him to! go after him GIRL! enjoy your love life!!!

    68%He Loves You GIRL!!

    62%he crushes over you... =)

    62%he thinks your a total DOPE

    Don't know if this is true :3

    hanah Apr 7 '16, 4:27AM
  • follow me on Twitter name for Twitter is Sophia Grace!!!!

    emogoth Apr 5 '16, 8:07PM
  • stupid quiz

    gothicsuzanna Mar 21 '16, 2:56PM
  • use this url [no urls] he like me quiz/ you know clearly about our likes

    uzma Mar 14 '16, 12:13PM
  • i did this test from this url [no urls] he like me quiz/ i got 89% he loves me and i also love with him.

    uzma Mar 14 '16, 12:09PM

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