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  • HEY YOU... yeah, I mean you. If you have taken a minute to read this... God has seen YOU struggling with something. God says its over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send this message on, please don't ignore it, you are being tested. God is going to fix two things (BIG) tonight in your favor. If you believe in God... drop everything and repost

  • Your Result: He Loves You GIRL!!

    i no he likes me but i also no he thinks im a total dope to. i like him but kind of hate him, whenever he sees me he punches me or kicks me and it all started because of a stupid bagel. and cream cheese. he gave me a bagel, i dint wanna it, i threw it at him, hit him in the face (haha) so he ran off after throwin me the bagel, i chsed him to the parkin lot (this was at school) i threw it at him, he threw cream cheese at me, it hit me in the stomach, it left a giant BRuiSE, i threw em back at im and we still fight a throw stuff in class and out so TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

  • Does He Like Me?
    Your Result: he thinks your a total DOPE

    leave him. hes not worth it. keep your self for someone better! all he will do is humiliate you in front of everyone! you could get a much better guy, so forget that loser! good luck!

    he likes you
    he crushes over you... =)
    He Loves You GIRL!!
    He is in Head Over Heals MAD Love for YOU!

    Okay, well, that's different than what people and other quizzes say, but I didn't really think he liked me. We barely know eachother. *cries*

  • Also if you read my earlier comments, i planned on giving him a b-day present and i did and it cost like $25 and it was the last of my birthday money and i told one of his friends and i think ive made it pretty obvious that i like him and when i gave him his present he said i am awsome does that mean he likes me????

    Starwars lover
  • I really really really a million times really like this guy cause hes so so so cute and we both like starwars and a bunch of other stuff and he laughs at my jokes and i laugh at his jokes and stuff but i always freak out and i cant ask him out its so frustrating grrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Im going crazy!!!!!!!!

    Starwars lover
  • Sometimes we hold hands it feels really nice or sometimes he just pokes me for no reason lol and he’s really funny and he doesn’t laugh at my lame jokes cause I make good jokes the whole table laughs lol!! But now I’m sad because we have a seating plan and that’s the only class I have with him ppl I’m lonely 😢

  • Not true AT ALL you said he thinks I'm s total dope but he doesn't. We're in the same class and he gives me extra stuff, like I didn't have my agenda signed but he gave me a ticket anyways. LIER I have all the proof in the world he doesn't think that. Also you had a lot of questions that there was no answer I could do. Like the "does he smell good around you" and a lot of other ones. Like a lot.

  • I already knew he hates me. He kinda looks like me a bit. We both play trumpet. Yay! Plus, he does do funny things during band, but we also don't have any classes together. He also gets himself in trouble a lot during band. Oh well! I am a crusher on Michael Jackson!

  • please help me super stuck in a situation! i like this guy and i think he likes me. we have the bus ride in the morning togerther, 1st period, and 5th period together. i have caught him turning his head real quick when i saw him and he picks on me every day. i have had my friend ask him out and he said no. But he doesnt really know that girl so he wouldnt tell her if he liked me. And i still am seeing him staring at me, picking on me, and doing things to annoy me. i am afraid to ask him out myself because he might say no, but ever since he said that i think he likes me more. what on earth do i do

  • please read this it will probably make me feel better in a way. I have liked him for 3 years, it is just my best friend likes him too, i have only known her for 7 months and she can be really horrible when she wants too. but he is so cool and iressitable i am sur he is worth it. he tries too make me laugh alot too i like that he talks too me every day really friendly as well. he already has a girlfriend if it ends then i wont move in i shall just be incredibly available. we are in a fight right now me and my best friend are in a fight i do hope it can end up me and her friends me with the guy i like and his girlfriend not hurt at all... wish me luck!!!

  • Your Result: He Loves You GIRL!! 80%

    This man is day dreams for a special little someone... YOU! Go after him, and let anything happen! Enjoy your love life! Hmm I need more characters so I will ramble hi how are you this boy likes you goodday! And happy crushes! Lol

    80% He crushes over you... =)
    77% He likes you

    70% He is in Head Over Heals MAD Love for YOU!

    11% He thinks your a total DOPE

    Well that's... cool... I knew he likes me and I like him were all friends but its hard when things are going on with him and hi family and with someone else I used to have an ex-boyfriend that would fight him to leave me alone but hich they hd never fought because I was in the middle So I broke up with him and I became friends with both of them But they both have the same feelings and I don't know who I like...

  • I like a guy. He is funny and kind. He acts strange around me and even one time poked my cheek! He teases me in a kind way, and gives me nicknames. My friends say that he so likes you. We went to a school movie with my friends, he only went since I asked him to, and he said he wanted me to go too. When the movie was over,one of his friends came up to me and asked 'Is ur name _ i was like yeah, then he said. Someone likes u. At that point my crush was just blushing and telling him to shut up. Does he like me? i catch him staring a lot, everytime i catch hin staring, he always smiles and look.away blushing. I cant help but smile back. Does he like me and should I confess? Please help()

  • Ok now can someone give me some advice? I think i might love this guy and i only get to see him at school and school is almost out and he doesnt know i like him yet and im FREAKING OUT. I need help. Im thinking about getting him a birthday present with a note that says i like him because his birthday is 4 days after school ends so i wouldnt be there when he read it but i dont know if thats a good idea. Please help!!!!!

    Starwars lover
  • Guys if it says he loves you or anything like that but he hasn't asked you out yet it means hes probably shy and/or doesn't know if you like him. You should probably tell him or if you're shy you could leave a cute note in his locker with your number and a bunch of hearts.

    Starwars lover
  • Ok well I like two guys, one since kidergarten but he is a heartbreaker. The other guy I just started to like recently, but god he is perfect. The sweetest guy I have ever met. He is really shy around me. He told my best friend he wanted to dance with me the last slow song at our dance but was to nervious. The other one has been my bestfriend since kindergaten. They both know I like him. And I think they both like me, but who should I pick? Helppp!!

  • He likes me? He REALLY likes me?! Haha, apparently he's, like, totally in love with me. My opinion? We're in uni, and having a ton of fun. No, seriously, this is just how people act. We've talked about it, and want to just do what we have been, so kids, don't take this as anything more than you should. :)

  • Does He Like Me?
    Your Result: he likes you

    he sorta likes you, but doesnt really want anyone to know. he still thinks he needs to get to know you a little more, but really wants to. go after him... and anything can happen! enjoy.

    i knew it! =) this quiz is awesome!!! he doesn't really know me that well because we never really had a talk together, we've always been in a group and yaaaaa...... didn't want to discuse anything infront of the crowd. lol. the only time i actually really got to talk to him was when my friends were having a race and i had the timer and he was at the finish line and we began chatting. i wish he would just tell me he likes me, it would be a lot easier......

    x aka mrlq x
  • Does He Like Me?
    Your Result: He thinks your a total DOPE 82%

    Leave him. He's not worth it. Keep your self for someone better! All he will do is humiliate you in front of everyone! You could get a much better guy, so forget that loser! Good luck!

    78% He likes you
    74% He crushes over you... =)
    70% He Loves You GIRL!!

    56% He is in Head Over Heals MAD Love for YOU!

  • Does He Like Me?
    Your Result: he likes you 88%

    he sorta likes you, but doesnt really want anyone to know. he still thinks he needs to get to know you a little more, but really wants to. go after him... and anything can happen! enjoy.

    74% he crushes over you... =)
    71% He Loves You GIRL!!

    64% He is in Head Over Heals MAD Love for YOU!

    58% he thinks your a total DOPE

    Ooh yay :) but black people don't blush and he doesn't like to hurt people! So... Probs extra points! :D yeah!

  • Girl: am I pretty
    Boy : no
    Girl: do you want to be with me forever
    Boy: no

    Girl cries walking away, how could she take this!?

    Boy, I don't think your pretty, your beautiful, I don't want to be with you forever, I NEED you to be with me forever. Tonight, at midnight, someone will realise they love you, post this on 3 other quizzes, and you will get everything you want tomorrow, if not, you will have relationship problems for the next 10 years

  • Somebody plzz answer! Thanx(: well this one

    Friend of mine told a guy a really like I know

    Where he live n he kept on making up

    Songs that say I'm a creep n stuff n respeted them

    Over n over again (behind my back my friend

    Told me) when she said quit singing about her!!!

    He was like " ew i dnt like her I dnt like her

    I dnt like her!" n at lunch he's one table away

    From me n looks at me for 3 seconds maybe 2
    With eye contact sometimes n he is not mean
    To me wat does this mean???? Plzz answers!

    Lil hihi
  • What if he just wants to stay friends and he thinks im stupid for asking him out he might think that im some stupid girl who just wants a boyfriend or something but thats not true i just really like him and i dont want to ruin our current friendship. GRRRRRR!!!!

    Starwars lover
  • My crush just admitted to last night that he likes me (my ex-bf) he has liked me on and off for a year now but he said he has like me for 3 months now :D (sadly thats longer then we dated) my results were exactly right he likes me but doesnt want anyone to know lol :P

  • Your Result: He is in Head Over Heals MAD Love for YOU!

    Wow! Lucky girl.. this boy is crazy for you! don't let him slip by. he thinks about you day and night and every second in between. all he wants is for you to like him to! go after him GIRL! enjoy your love life!!!

    Oh yeah! I know he thinks about me all the time cuz believe it or not I can feel it. Don't call my psychic because i am NOT NOT NOT psychic. But hearts can communicate subconsciously

  • So, me and this guy have been talking and seeing each other for over a year and a half! I know, A LONG TIME!

    At the beginning, we were really close, we would talk everyday about anything and everything was always there for me when I needed him most and the same for me!!

    He was always complimenting me and we would always when I was home,(I was a uni student at the time) we would go for walks, meals out and even snuggle watching movies with each other.

    So, over the last couple of months, weve both been really stressed out with everything like I was cleaning out my grandmas house and hes been changing jobs so we really havent been able to speak much throughout a couple of days. When I did really get to see him we made plans for the weekend. But he plays football and had training so like usual Id stay in his house and so the dishes etc. Whilst I waited for him to get back because we planned to go for food after.

    He changed his plans and sent me a message saying he wanted to go to his friends BBQ. Long story short, it turned into an argument over nothing, and I walked out. I regret it so much. I really like him and hes known Ive liked this since weve been seeing and talking but I did say to him that I like him but I didnt know just how much and that Id be happy to continue just as friends. Hes always said that he doesnt want anything more than friendship and the occasional hook up for when Im home which Im ok with. But as of recently, weve not really spoken about the argument and things. Im a natural over-thinker and would just want to clear things up but he says theres nothing to clear up and is now just not talking to me at all or not replying to my last messages.

    Ive not spoken to him for a couple days because I dont want to argue with him again. But honestly, I dont know what to do. We act like were in a relationship just without the label. I see a future with him and the way (sounds stupid I know!) but the way we look at each other and have sex is just so m


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