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  • i did this test from this url [no urls] he like me quiz/ i got 89% he loves me and i also love with him.

    uzma Mar 14 '16, 12:08PM
  • Does He Like Me?
    Your Result: he likes you

    he sorta likes you, but doesnt really want anyone to know. he still thinks he needs to get to know you a little more, but really wants to. go after him... and anything can happen! enjoy.

    74%he crushes over you... =)

    71%He Loves You GIRL!!

    64%He is in Head Over Heals MAD Love for YOU!

    58%he thinks your a total DOPE

    Ooh yay :) but black people don't blush and he doesn't like to hurt people! So... Probs extra points! :D yeah!

    User Mar 11 '16, 2:45AM
  • Yay

    RubyHeart Mar 9 '16, 1:38PM

  • He Loves You GIRL!! 76%
    this man is day dreams for a special little someone... YOU! go after him, and let anything happen! enjoy your love life! hmm i need more characters so i will ramble hi how are you this boy likes you good day! and happy crushes! lol

    Mistytail Feb 25 '16, 1:56AM
  • He isn't mean he is nice. WE AREN'T FRIENDS so I haven't tried flirting with him... When he walks past me he says, Hi (my name).

    User Feb 21 '16, 11:46PM
  • This is so freaky! This year will be the best year of your life! DONT STOP READING! If you post this on1 quiz your mom will say "I love you" to you.
    2 quizzes -Your best friend will start to ignore you for a few days.
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    4 quizzes-You will get something you have longed for.
    5 quizzes-You will have good luck for the rest of the week.
    6 quizzes-Yor best friend will come over to your house.
    7 quizzes-You crush will ask you to sit with him.
    8 quizzes-You will meet a celebrity in the next two years.
    9 quizzes-Yor crush will ask you to a movie.
    10+ quizes-You will have good luck for a year and this will be the best year of your life!
    However, if you do not post this message on 1 or more quizzes, you will be cursed for 7 years and have bad luck for another 10 years! This really does work

    Retard3 Feb 20 '16, 11:44PM

    SiaChandelier123 Feb 19 '16, 9:01AM
  • I know how all of yall feel!!!

    coolmama Feb 16 '16, 11:40AM
  • I am so nervous and I am gonna ask him tomorrow!

    HannahLove567 Feb 14 '16, 10:48PM
  • This better be true... but i love Jon Snow more

    LokiCat Feb 9 '16, 4:59PM
  • Pls tell me what I should do should I tell my crush how I feel cause he called me cute

    Americangirl Feb 1 '16, 2:36PM
  • Should I tell my crush how I feel about him or would it go wrong cause he didn't really like me in 2 grade but now he told me I'm cute and we're friends so should I tell him how I feel

    Americangirl Jan 31 '16, 11:38AM
  • you are mean should I tell him how I feel

    Americangirl Jan 31 '16, 11:35AM
  • God thank u

    RubyHeart Jan 26 '16, 6:02PM
  • Wow! 85% head over heels mad for you! Yay!

    Jessica889 Jan 19 '16, 11:17PM
  • Cleveland yeay:I would tell him how u feel u can't just sit around n pretend it doesn't bother u,yes I know he's dating ur best friend but if she was you best friend she would know how u felt about him n didn't date him in the first place....Well that's my advice Best of luck !!!!

    tammy4 Jan 13 '16, 1:43AM
  • Really who the hell would put chain letters on here !!!!!

    tammy4 Jan 13 '16, 1:37AM
  • ok I really need an anser and I need help so if you didn't read my message go down to Cleveland yeay and read it please I really need HELP

    cleveland yeay Jan 12 '16, 6:33PM
  • I am a boy and I took this quiz because of boredom. I pretended to be a girl through the whole quiz. Nice quiz though.

    Deadbush123 Jan 12 '16, 9:30AM
  • I got he likes me but i rlly dont know if does i ned help he was one of my rlly good friends and he gave me 4chances and then he started to date one of my good friends and im rlly depressed and i dont know wat to do please help

    cleveland yeay Jan 9 '16, 4:41AM
  • Omg my crush likes me I'm so exited I'm gunna text him tomorrow and ask him who he likes it's going to be awkward,........... FOR HIM

    Jazzy298 Dec 28 '15, 12:51AM

    Eat Potatoes Dec 24 '15, 5:41PM

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