Digital Natives

Marc Prensky (2001) argues that there are digital natives and digital immigrants and that some of us are the former and some the latter (use Google to find more info on digital natives). He says that digital natives speak the digital dialect and find fluency in the online world. Digital immigrants adapt and survive, but it doesn't mean they grew up 'knowing' about digital technologies.

It can affect what we learn and how we're able to learn it. It can bring clashes or coherence. Which one are YOU? Answer the following questions to find out whether the digital age risks being a pleasure or a pain... or see if you're just getting by regardless.

Created by: Sarah Horrigan of Kinda Learning
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  1. Would you first go to look up an answer in a book or on the web?
  2. Do you print out material from the web to read 'properly' later?
  3. Do you work out new programs as you go or read the manual / get help before starting?
  4. Do you know what the term 'web 2.0' means?
  5. Do you believe computer games can have educational value?
  6. Can you talk on the phone at the same time as checking your e-mail?
  7. Do you remember a time before the web was everywhere?
  8. How would a day without technology be for you?
  9. Have you ever used a blog, wiki, social networking site or microblogging service?
  10. Does learning things step-by-step suit you?

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