How good at coding are you?

Do you believe you have what it takes to be an amazing coder? Are you skilled in a broad range of languages and technologies? Are you skilled at solving both high-level and low-level problems? Are you able to write efficient algorithms that compliment the underlying architecture?

There are many coders out there. This test separates those who have written a couple of programs, with those who have spent years mastering multiple technologies and languages.

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  1. A string is...
  2. 2 left shift 3?
  3. Inheritance is...?
  4. Loop(x) Loop(y) Loop(z) Volume[(z * size*size) + (y * size) + x] = x+y+z;
  5. mysql_query("INSERT INTO table (column) VALUES ('" . $variable . "')");
  6. Fullscreen shading with either: 1 large triangle, 1 large quad, or 2 triangles?
  7. Genetic algorithm.
  8. Floor(2 + 3 % 4 / 5 + 6 * 7) left shift 8 right shift 9
  9. int x = -3; for (int i=10; i --> 0;) x+=i; // What is x in C++?
  10. Bubble Sort is...?
  11. Did you search the internet or use a compiler/calculator for any of these questions?

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Quiz topic: How good at coding am I?