Complicated Difference Part 22

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

We left off where Adam thought he saw Nethro in this house that you guys stumbled upon. He went around the corner and was shivering, the guys yelled "NO!" but it was too late.

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  1. The rest of you run around to the front of the house, where Adam went. You hear a crashing sound, then a bunch of snarling, and finally some high-pitched scream. You ran in the house, the other guys behind you. The man was lying on the floor, and Adam changed back into his human-self, "I must have really scared him, he just kinda fainted..." "Well this was easier than I thought it would be," you commented with a slight smile. Then Erik cut in, "Yeah... except that's not Nethro," and he turned to look at Adam. "Oh... My bad," Adam said, looking a bit confused as to what the next step will be.
  2. Then you hear Wesley, "What are we gonna do with him?" and you realize he actually has a slight accent. "Well," Paul starts, "I guess we could just leave him here." "What if he remembers that a tiger came crashing through his door?" you question, looking at Adam, who then smiles at you. Paul answers, "He'll probably think it's a dream... if not, then whoever he talks to will just think he's going crazy." You look down at the man and ask, "Well are we just going to leave him on the floor like that?" The guys look at each other for a moment. "We don't have much time as it is," Paul comments, "Let's just leave him, he'll be okay."
  3. You decide that's probably the best you could do. All of you exit the house and start walking through the trees. Erik then said "Remember, we aren't supposed to kill Nethro. So just try to get him in a position where he can't fight anymore." You all agreed to that plan. "Adam," Wesley began, "Maybe you should change forms again and see if you catch a scent." Adam replied, "Okay, sounds like a good idea." He then got that grand smile of his as he started shivering all over. He turned into this big blur; it was hard to see what was happening until he was furry and standing on all fours. He led the way after that.
  4. (Let's say you were thinking about the last option). "Yes I can," Paul commented, answering your thought. Adam seemed to have caught onto something; he started walking a bit faster, heading toward this huge, old, run-down barn. "Well, he found a scent all right," Paul commented. As you neared the barn you could see there was a light on inside. The barn doors were wide open, and you all followed Adam right to the opening. It took a second for your eyes to adjust to this sudden brightness coming from the couple lights that were hung from the ceiling. Adam let out a long snarl, and that's when you noticed a man standing in the middle of the barn. He was a slender man, matched the picture perfectly. He was wielding a bow, and had arrows in a bag that hung over his shoulder. "Well, well, well..." Nethro said, as all of you stepped in closer, starting to circle around him, "I've been waiting for all of you."
  5. Adam is the closest to Nethro; you could tell he was trying to get even closer, slowly moving around the small man. Nethro started pulling out arrows and shooting them at Adam. Of course, with his agility skills, Adam was able to dodge all of them. The last one, though, caught him in the back leg. He went down in agony; you could tell how painful it was by the noises he was making, and it tore at your heart just hearing it.
  6. Wesley rushed over quickly, pulling the poison arrow out of Adam's leg. You could see Adam changing back to his normal self. Once that happened, Wesley held his hands over top of Adam's wound. You don't have time to watch and make sure Adam's okay, because Nethro was raising his bow and arrow yet again. This time it's aimed directly at you.
  7. Paul suddenly says, "Actually, we're not here to kill you." Nethro gives him a strange look, "Hmm, so I've got a mind-reader on my hands, eh? And, honestly, I don't believe you." He pulls the arrow back against the string of the bow. Paul runs toward you, planning to push you out of the way, but he fell to the ground since you were levitated into the air. "Nice try, telepath," Nethro says with a dark chuckle. He releases the arrow; it's coming straight at you, but suddenly it goes in another direction and hits the wall. You were dumbfounded as to what just happened, but you knew you had no time, and that it was the perfect opportunity to do this.
  8. You teleport over to Nethro, take the bow out of his hands, and pull the bag off of his shoulder. Erik comes up behind him and grabs his wrists, tying them behind his back with rope, though he was struggling to break free of Erik's grasp. "I found this rope over by the barn doors, I'm glad I did because I never checked the trunk of the car for anything before we left," Erik said to you. Paul looked at Nethro, and slowly he stopped struggling. "I'll try to keep him calm, maybe that will help," Paul commented. You looked over to your side to see Wesley standing there with his arm around Adam's waist and Adam's arm around Wesley's shoulders. As they walked you realized it's to support Adam since his leg is really bothering him.
  9. "Are you okay?" you ask Adam as the two of them come closer. "Yeah, I'm fine," he replies, though obviously he isn't fine. Wesley jumps in with, "It was a poison arrow, he ain't gonna be fine for an hour or so." Adam smiles a weak smile and grabs your hand, "This arrow may have hurt, but I bet it hurt worse when you fell from heaven," he winked and kissed your hand, letting it go afterwards.
  10. Erik picks Nethro up, putting him over his shoulder in order to carry him back to the car. All of you follow as he starts walking. "So... I'm just curious; what was with the arrow that was flying at me?" you question.
  11. Who do you like?

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