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In the medieval and early modern periods, one of Scotland's proudest boasts was that it had perhaps the oldest unbroken lines of Kings in Europe, supposedly stretching all the way back to 330BC. That, of course, was just mythology, but what is true is that Scotland for centuries boasted it own monarchy, whose history was inextricably bound up with the story of the nation itself. This monarchy, moreover, produced some of Scotland's best-known icons, including Macbeth, Robert the Bruce, and Mary, Queen of Scots.

But how much do YOU know about Scotland's Kings and Queens? Concentrating on the period before the Anglo-Scottish Union of 1707, this quiz will test you on some of the basic facts. Will you prove to be a royal know-it-all? Or just royally clueless? There's only one way to find out...

Created by: Dr Allan Kennedy of Centre for Scottish Culture, Dundee
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  1. Which monarch was the first to be described as 'King of Scotland' in contemporary sources?
  2. What was the name of Macbeth's stepson, who was briefly hailed as King of Scots in 1057-8 before being defeated by Malcolm III?
  3. Who was the first of Malcolm III's sons with St Margaret to become King of Scots?
  4. What nickname is usually associated with Malcolm IV (r.1154-65)?
  5. In which year did Alexander III die, setting the stage for the later Wars of Independence?
  6. Reigning from 1329 until 1371, who was the second and final monarch of the Bruce dynasty?
  7. At which battle in 1332 did Edward Balliol defeat Bruce forces, paving the way for Balliol to be crowned king shortly afterwards?
  8. To which Stewart king was Annabella Drummond married?
  9. In which town was James I assassinated in 1437?
  10. Which nobleman did James II murder at Stirling Castle in 1452?
  11. At which battle in 1488 was James III defeated by the supporters of his son, the soon-to-be James IV?
  12. Which of the following medieval Queens Consort did NOT serve as regent following the death of their husband?
  13. Where was Mary I confronted by an army of 'Confederate Lords' in 1567, leading to her surrender and eventual abdication?
  14. Of which illness did Mary II die in 1694?
  15. Who was the last Queen Consort of Scotland before the Anglo-Scottish Union of 1707?
  16. Who was the reigning monarch at the time of the Anglo-Scottish Union of 1707?
  17. Who was the longest-reigning Scottish monarch prior to the Anglo-Scottish Union of 1707?
  18. Who was the last Scottish monarch to have a separate Scottish coronation?
  19. Which Scottish monarch led an invasion of England that pushed as far south as Dover?
  20. Who was the last Scottish monarch born in Scotland?

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