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This is a test of your basic knowledge of the US Army, this is hardly an advanced test and easy enough for anyone to get 80%+ if you have some basic understanding and knowledge of the military.

Do you feel you have a good understanding of how our Army works? Test your knowledge if you already are in the Army. And rate the quiz when you're done thanks!

Created by: Joey

  1. A Fireteam has how many soldiers?
  2. A squad has how many soldiers?
  3. A platoon idealy has how many soldiers?
  4. how many fireteams can a platoon split up into?
  5. What does OSUT stand for?
  6. What does AIT stand for?
  7. which is a Shotgun
  8. which is an officer?
  9. Which is a non-commissioned officer?
  10. Which is not a Army Rank?
  11. What does SOF stand for?
  12. What is the M16 Chambered in?
  13. Are Infantry enlisted soldiers issued sidearms?
  14. Which is not a Special Operations Force
  15. Which rank is highest
  16. IFV?
  17. APC?
  18. Two Stripes Indicate
  19. Highest Rank?
  20. Lowest Rank?
  21. E-5?
  22. E-3
  23. E-6
  24. Not an Army Rank Abbreviation?
  25. RASP is
  26. Airborne School is
  27. standard barrel length of an M4?
  28. Clip size of an M16A4?
  29. Army's current standard camo pattern for conventional forces not assigned to ISAF units
  30. Which is considered a senior non commissioned officer?
  31. Which is considered a junior noncom?
  32. 4th Word in HALO stands for
  33. What Rank are you likely to achieve in 8 years enlisted in an 11 Series MOS
  34. Sua Sponte
  35. De Oppresso Liber
  36. Currahee
  37. Rangers Motto "Rangers Lead The Way" was first heard in
  38. A company is roughly
  39. A battalion is roughly
  40. The Phonetic For O
  41. The Phonetic for G
  42. The Phonetic for A
  43. Prone:
  44. Which Country Is The Best

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