Attention BVB army... and anyone who is bored.

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hello there. my name is... well that's not important. what is important is whether or not you choose to take my quiz. I think you should it will be good for your little human minds. TAKE IT!

Enough with the crazy chitty chat let's get down to business. This quiz will have some hard/ easy question (if your in the BVB army) and if not then well hopefully these won't be to hard. o.O So this quiz ha some just knowledge and then lyrics. Enjoy.

Created by: xforgetXmex

  1. what is the title of Black Veil Brides FIRST ep?
  2. what year did BVB form?
  3. What did the front man go by last year?
  4. What song was there first single?
  5. how old will Andy Biersack be this December?
  6. was their former drummer (before cc) a girl or boy?
  7. in 2006 what was the line up?
  8. what is the line up now in 2012?
  9. Now for the lyrics: "I don't wanna be! Another victim of love tragedy and, I don't wanna be! Another look like James dean punk trippin' sanity and, cause all i wanna be! Is another who care shot dead kid, im going down down down!"
  10. " We Scream! We Shout! Whoa! We are the Fallen Angels!"
  11. "Lay you heart down the ends in sight. Conscience begs for you to do whats right."
  12. "Standing alone. through the soot and stone, he draws from his holster, a man."

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