What does you favorite Ice Cream say about you?

Standing in front of the frosted glass doors at the grocery store, you have an important decision to make: What ice cream flavor will you choose? You could go with classic, trusty vanilla, or maybe you prefer something a little more sophisticated, like pistachio. How do you ever decide on a favorite ice cream flavor?

It turns out this decision can say a lot about who you are as a person. If you had to choose one flavor, what would it be? Don’t choose an ice cream flavor that’s too crazy now – we’re talking all-time favorite. Make your decision, then read on to see what it says about you.

Created by: Yoi Morgan
  1. Whats Your favorite Ice Cream?
  2. What's your favorite Ice Cream?
  3. What's your favorite Ice Cream?
  4. What's Your favorite Ice Cream?
  5. What's your favorite Ice Cream?
  6. Whats your favorite Ice Cream?
  7. Is your favorite Ice Cream Cookies and Cream Ice Cream?
  8. How about Caramel Ice Cream?
  9. Rocky Road Ice Cream?
  10. ..... Pistachio?

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