Are you going to the grocery store? Adventure for anyone

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Are you in need of an entertaining distraction? Are you a fan of telltale games? I'm talking classics here, Higurashi and David Cage. Now you can take part in the most boring of them all.

Did I say boring, I mean investing.Something like Life Is Strange, but even stranger. Like chairs in the Sims 3 games, endless fun. The Chairs-A telltale game.

Created by: SoniclovergurlxX

  1. Hello, person. What nice weather we're having. Quite the right weather to go for a walk and do some chores, wouldn't you say? You wanna have a great time?
  2. Oh wait, I have to add more questions? How boring. Just skip through this. Just skip.
  3. Anata wa warui jikan o sugosu tsumoridesu.
  4. Vas a pasar un mal momento.
  5. Vous allez passer un mauvais moment.
  6. a
  7. Turn around
  8. The sound of cracking bones emanates right over the corner. Can you hear it?
  9. I'm so tried of people with faces. Don't you agree?
  10. I want to escape
  11. There's a whilstle in my brain.Help me.

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Quiz topic: Am I going to the grocery store? Adventure for anyone