The Magic Hat (part 4)

I will make a preview of the next series before part 5. Part 5 will be the last adventure. I hope you like it! Oh, and here's a sneak peek at part five:

"Hey, guys!" Jada whispered to us behind an oak tree. "Adventure! Adventure!" Oh, yeah! I forgot. Today was the last adventure with Jada! Do you know why? She's going back to China tomorrow. I'll miss her. What will happen next? Find out in part five!

Created by: Jenniferdu
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  1. Jada was combing her hair. It was morning, and Nicole and I was going to scare her socks off! I pat Lightning to keep him quiet. He stayed quiet. Jada was humming a little tune. "Autumn leaves, falling down." she hummed. Nicole giggled silently. Getting closer, I thought. "BOO!" we said at the same time. "Jada!" Lightning squeaked in squirrel language. Jada fell down, then started laughing. "What a great surprise! This is the way I want to start my day." said Jada, trying to get up.
  2. But she couldn't get up. She was just laughing too hard. I held out a hand. Jada grabbed it, and started giggling again. "Thank you," Jada said with a smile. "You're welcome," I replied. It was time to go on another adventure in the time machine. I told Jada that. "You're on!" she exclaimed. "This time, let Nicole choose our destination." "I choose..." said Nicole.
  3. "... Next Thursday!" We all laughed. "Okay, next Thursday. That's good. I bet it will be safe." I said. Jada finished brushing her hair. "Okay, now all we need to do is hire your brother to drive us to the time machine place." Nicole said to me. "Okay," I replied. "PETER!" I called out. He came dashing toward us. I told him what we wanted. "Of course! But first I need to finish this donut." he answered. He's always eating donuts.
  4. We got to the time machine place. This time, we went into the green one. "Green! My favorite color! Janks!" Nicole and I said at the same time. "Double Janks!Triple Janks!" When we say Janks, that means we said a word at the same time. We both giggled. After that, the time machine said, "HELLO, PEOPLE. PLEASE PICK A DESTINATION." like the silver one. This time, we screamed, "I scream for ice cream! Hee Hee!" "PARDON ME," the time machine replied. "Next Thursday!" we said.
  5. It turned black. I wasn't scared at all. It turned bright again! A fake audience cheered. We were at school. It was music class. Do, a deer. A female deer... You sing the rest. I kept playing with Nicole and Jada. We got in trouble. "But," I said. "We just came here in a time machine, so yeah." "So what?" my music teacher said. "Oh, whatever."
  6. "Whatever what?" asked my strict music teacher. "Whatever, let's just get this over with, heh, heh!" I replied. "GO TO YOUR SEAT!" screamed my teacher. "YOU TOO, JADA AND NICOLE!" We smiled. Our music teacher didn't know that we were friends! He thought that we were enemies, so he let us sit right beside each other. "Have fun with your enemies," he said.
  7. We giggled silently. "We're not enemies!" we all whispered. Nicole laughed louder. "One more time, and you'll end up in the office." said my music teacher. The office! Our time machine was there! So we laughed really loudly. "OUT YOU GO!" you-know-who yelled. We went to the office.
  8. The principal said, "Tell me what happened." "Ms. Rickman," I started, "my music teacher heard us laughing in a timeout." "Well," Ms. Rckman said. "That is unacceptable. If I hear you laughing, you're going home." "Hmmm... Home, you say? Well, we'll go home in a different way..." Jada said. We went in the time machine. "¬°Adios! Yu never knew that this is the future!"
  9. We teleported to Jada's house. "Breakfast is served!" called Jada's mom. "Can Jennifer and Nicole come too?" asked Jada. Her mom hesitated. "Of course!" she then said. "We have a lot to eat!"
  10. The end!!!

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