The Magic Hat (Part 1)

My name is Jennifer. This story is made by me. I got the idea from another story called "The Wishing Notebook". Person who made that and is taking my quiz (if you're here), thank you for inspiring me.

The other parts of "The Magic Hat" wil about me and my friends going on many adventures. I love making stories and this one was really fun to make!

Created by: Jenniferdu
  1. I was walking through the woods with Nicole, my friend. We heard a small sound. "Hey," said Nicole. "You hear that?" she finished. I listened more carefully. "Yes, I hear that too." I said. My mind had a lot of questions. The most mysterious one was "What is this sound?"
  2. A squirrel appeared. Nicole loved animals. She walked slowly to it. "Nicole!" I cried. "I know you like animals, but isn't that squirrel a little dangerous to touch? It might hurt you." I cared about Nicole, but it was too late. She touched it already.
  3. Luckily, the squirrel did not hurt Nicole. It actually liked Nicole. She has some special way of getting along with animals. I liked animals too. I could even talk to them! I decided to say hello to the squirrel. It said hello back.
  4. I stroked the squirrel's back. Suddenly, a hat that had all the colors of the rainbow in it appeared beside the squirrel. It was a hat that took my breath away. It was all so magical. I told Nicole to pinch me. "Why?" she asked me. "I want to know if I'm dreaming or not." I replied. I wasn't dreaming.
  5. Nicole touched it. I did, too. "Put it on!" she cried. "Why me?" I questioned. "I'm too scared," Nicole said. I took a deep breath, and hesitated. I slowly lifted it up to my chest, and then my head...and put it on.
  6. I started floating. "NICOLE!" I screamed. "HELP!" Nicole rushed to a tree, and began to climb up. I grabbed on to the closest tree branch to me. "TAKE OFF THE HAT!" Nicole said at the top of her lungs. I tried to, but it wouldn't come off. The squirrel climbed up the tree too. It jumped from the branch and touched the hat. The hat sparkled.
  7. The squirrel said to me "Now take off the hat!" I perfectly understood it. I took it off. I began falling slowly, slowly, and my feet touched the ground. I calmed down totally. Nicole hugged me. "You were so brave!" she said. I smiled. Then, I said to the squirrel (in squirrel language, of course) "Can you be our pet?" The squirrel agreed!
  8. We also kept the hat. It can be useful.
  9. We had a wonderful day. Playing catch, reading books and more!
  10. Then, was the end of the day. It also is the end of this episode! Episode two is in my profile. I hope you liked this part! Bye!

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