The Beginning Match-Up

Is magic part of your future true love? Well the story of The Beginning has many different characters, some magically involved in the world some human, or all knowing of the sup---atural. If you want to see if your match made in heaven is in The Beginning by: Vamptress then check out this quiz.

Gods, Goddesses, are they cool, smart, and your type, well you'll never find out until you take this quiz. It will only take 5min. out of your busy schedule. If you want to discover a new magical story and its characters this is the best way. Whether your type of love is skanky, beautiful, mean, smart, kind, and full of power it's all here.

Created by: stacy of The Beginning
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  1. Do you enjoy strolls on the beach, night or day?
  2. Do you believe in true love?
  3. If you were to see yourself as an outsider, what would you think?
  4. If you could be a God what power would you have, or what would you represent?
  5. What's your personality?
  6. What do you wear while going out?
  7. Where would you have your first kiss with your true love? (If you have already had a first kiss then imagine you haven't and pick the one you'd have chosen if you were to go back in time.)
  8. Do you believe in magic, if so what kind?
  9. If you went to Washington High, public school that Ian & Laila & Alex go, or Sunny Dale private High School, where Katerina & Ramon go & Sabastian teaches, what classes would you take?
  10. Have you ever read The Beginning by: Vamptress, on [no urls]?

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