The Beginning 7 Minutes in Heaven

This quiz is for girls only and is specifically done for the story The Beginning by: Vamptress. If you want to answer fun ?'s and do something with your time read the story on TheBeginningvamptress, etc. or take the quiz.

Rate this quiz fairly if you take it. It would hurt my feelings highly if you were mean to it. Anyway try to enjoy it. Okay hope this quiz was random enough for my friends out there. If it wasn't random I will make another quiz, even better, in the future.

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  1. How do you see yourself?
  2. When you could go out to a party what are your first thoughts?
  3. If your friend made you go to your boyfriends party who would you hang with there?
  4. How do you think you'd dance there?
  5. If you were hanging with your friend, and this REALLY hot guy came up to you and asked you to come with him, where would the two of you go?
  6. What time of day would the party be at if it was at your house? (sorry these questions are out of order)
  7. What kind of party?
  8. OK so your friend and her boyfriend start the game 7min. in Heaven, what's your first move?
  9. Your friend's boyfriend chains you up to a chair, until it's your turn, what's running through your mind?
  10. What do you wear to the party?
  11. What do you plan to do with your 7min. in closet?
  12. What would you describe yourself as?
  13. Do you love Vamptress? (Vamptress is the writer of the story, The Beginning. Look it up on google as, The Beginning by vamptress & illistrator.)

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