7 minutes in heaven!

this quiz is just for fun with a couple of my home boys and dont worry i chose them because i know they would never do this to a gurl they are too nice! so just take it and dont even change your mind cause its gonna be totaly awsome!!! ok so take it and you wont regret it! :P <33 peace out

Ok if you dont know what 7 minutes in heaven is its a game that you pick a item out of a het or something and the guy that has the same item is the person you go into the closet with!!!! anything can happen with in the 7 minutes you can sit and talk or make out which ever you want

Created by: Brit
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. I invite you to a party at my house, when you walk in you see 3 guys i tel you to pick a item from the hat, you choose a:
  2. pick the same item.
  3. one last time
  4. wait i lied one last time
  5. do you like this quiz?
  6. ru sure???
  7. is this quiz fun?
  8. are you sure about that?
  9. are you ready to know what guy you are gonna get to go into the closet with?
  10. are you ready?

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