7 Minutes in Heaven, what guy will you end up with?

Hi Peoples!! What guy do you think you will get to be with in minutes in heaven?? It might even be a celebrity, or the perfect guy. You will find out right now!! Please Comment!

What HOT guy will you be with for 7 minutes in heaven?! Will you be lucky enough to get a celebrity? or the perfect guy? I dont know but you will find out right here on my quiz!!

Created by: Skyfa
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  1. Your at home watching T.V, bored as heck and then your Best friend(That parents are rich) calls you and tells you she's having a party with lots of hot guys coming and wants you to come. Do you go?
  2. She forces you to come anyway and as you walk into the door way you see your best friend on one side of the room and hot guys on the other side. Which do you go to first?
  3. You walk to your friend Nicole and she asks if you wanna play 7 minutes in heaven or Truth or Dare. What do you pick?
  4. You say you dont know so Nicole just chooses 7 minutes in heaven. She tells you to pick a number out of a hat. What number do you pick?
  5. "Oops. Nicole says. Thats not hows its suppose to be! Redo!" She takes back the numbers and tells you to pick letters out of a hat instead. What letters do you pick?
  6. Nicole tells you that you should get ready in the bathroom before we start. Do you?
  7. Do you like this quiz so far?(Does not affect score)
  8. You go to the bathroom anyway but you just start fixing your hair. The bathroom window is open so you decide to close it but your sleeve gets caught in it! You try to pull it out but it wont budge and the music is too loud for anyone to hear. What do you do?
  9. You keep calm and try to pull free but cant. Lucky for you Nicole came looking for you and you left the door unlocked. She came and helped you pull the window up. How do you thank her?
  10. After you finish thanking her she takes you out of the bathroom and says its your turn.

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Quiz topic: 7 Minutes in Heaven, what guy will I end up with?