Are you worthy of magic?

Ok, so you have always had "paranormal" things happen in your life. Your friends think you are too strange for your own good, but at the age of 13 your discovered you could do magic.

You have kept it to yourself ever since, scared that people will think you are insane. I hope you enjoy my quiz, and part two will be coming out soon, and sorry that its short!

Created by: Dripping

  1. (Be sure to read the description before quizzing! And don't worry the questions will get more exciting as you go) You are walking down the street and you see someone being bullied by someone you know. What do you do?
  2. A magic master informs you that you have special powers and invites you to his magic school of magic to train, what are your thoughts?
  3. Whatever you think, he takes you to the school. What do you do first? (It's a boarding school by the way)
  4. That night everyone gathers in the dining hall for tea. A girl sits beside you and introduces herself as Alice. What is your response?
  5. You continue to train for a month and become experienced. One day in training you are paired up with a new kid, who seems to not know much. How do you react?
  6. You have now been asked to chose a main element. What do you pick?
  7. You go for a walk and someone attacks you, what do you do?
  8. You are badly hurt and are taken to the medical centre. When you have been fixed you are taken to a dark room with a table in the middle. You are told to pick one of the six items on the table to keep, what do you pick?
  9. The end of the school year approaches, and you will return to your parents for two months. What do you do on your last night?
  10. Did you enjoy my quiz? I know it was short, will you come back next year in part two? I'll make the next one longer I promise

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Quiz topic: Am I worthy of magic?