The Magic Hat (part 3)

Created by: Jenniferdu

  1. Nicole and I was just about to go on another adventure, but when we just took a couple of steps out of the door, Jada came racing towards us. "Hey, guys!" she said. "Nicole told me about your adventure, and I was wondering if I could join you guys for an adventure or two." "Of course you can!" I replied. Then, I introduced Jada to Lightning in squirrel language. They shook hands.
  2. I asked Jada where shall we go today. She said "Did you hear about the newly built place with time machines? Let's go back in time!" I thought it was a great idea. I always wanted to go back in time! " Awesome idea, Jada!" I shouted back to her. "Let's go to the ice age!"
  3. We went to the time machine place. There were many time machines. We went into the silver one. "HELLO, PEOPLE." the time machine said. "PLEASE PICK A DESTINATION." "Bring us to the ice age, sir!" we all said back to the time machine at the same time. I could feel the time machine spinning, spinning. Then, it went all black for a moment.
  4. The time machine was spinning to a stop now. I felt really scared. Why did I pick the ice age, I thought to myself. I tried to fight back tears. The place brightened up, and we found ourselves dressed up in furry parkas. When we stepped out into the snow, a fake audience cheered. I totally felt better. Nicole wasn't scared at all. I don't think she's afraid of ANYTHING.
  5. "Let's find some mammoths!" said very excited Jada. "Let's!" said very excited me. We walked, and walked, and walked, until we got tired. "Oh, let's stop for lunch. Who wants sandwiches?" Nicole called out. "WE DO!" Jada and I said at the same time. I pretended to act brave, but inside, I was really scared.
  6. After eating, we went to find some mammoths again. We found one, and followed it. Now I wasn't so scared anymore. The mammoth led us to a whole herd. "Isn't this exciting?" said Jada. Nobody answered. We were to busy watching the mammoths. But she didn't mind at all. Guess where we were hiding? Behind this rock.
  7. I raised my head up for a better look. Suddenly, a mammoth came dashing towards me and found my friends. "Oh no!" I said. We were being carried away to a special land where nobody could find us. The mammoth told me that. Compared to the mammoth, we were as tiny as an ant. There was only one word that could describe me: scared.
  8. "I'm sorry I've gotten us into such big trouble." I sobbed. "Otherwise, we'll have a great day." "Don't worry, Jennifer," said Nicole. "it wasn't all your fault. That mammoth just charged towards us. And besides, we have... No time machine!" I looked around, very surprised. There was no time machine! It's he mammoth must've went very far. Lightning whimpered. Every time he does that, it makes me feel much better. Now I could focus on thinking of an idea.
  9. We were lost, so we couldn't jump off and run back to the time machine. I looked at what I was holding. Lightning and.... The magic hat! Exactly what I needed! Why didn't I think of that before? Float, I whispered to the hat. Float to the time machine when I say go. "Hey, guys!" I said to Jada and Nicole. "Jump off the mammoth!" They listened to me. "Now go!" I yelled to the hat. It went really fast, like a jet-plane racing through the sky.
  10. The mammoth herd chased after us, but when they were just about to reach us, we teleported back home. Birds chirping, sun shining. What a beautiful day. "Okay, this is the end of our adventure." I said to Jada. "Let's go to the time machine and go to the age of the dinosaurs, then guess what? Get eaten!" Nicole and Jada both looked at me like I was an alien. "Just kidding!" I exclaimed!

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