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  • He isn't unattractive really he is quite cute in a weir d way and it's not really the boy you dislike it' s the industry he is run by i mean it's not like he writes his own songs or has much control over his public appearance it's all the quest to make a name for theirself and make money ... no one is as good or as bad as other people see them .... oh one more thing girls and guys who claim to "love him" unless you know him directly you can't make claim to that otherwise you just love the image and you very minimal knowledge .....

  • Omg I can't believe you people!!!!!!!!

    If you hate him so much go waste your time somewhere else.

    Y do u hate him anyways???????????? ???????? sorry, but justin Bieber is the hottest guy ever, seriuosly im melting just typing his name. I fainted the other day because my cousin's friend's sister's friend is justin bieber's second cousin.

    fancy jane
  • 50% ?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOO. that's too high. I HATE justin beaver. hate is a strong word. the first time I heard a justin beaver song I thought it was a chick singing, but then it was saying I love you girl or something and then I thought it must be like a seven year old or something. how old is he really? I think I heard he's 15. no way. I hate how he thinks he's black and how he thinks he's so cool. what a strange little 4th grader...

  • Ugh, why are there so many JB quizzes? He's just another fad.

  • why do people love this verlierer so much? it makes no sence! Er sieht aus wie ein mädchen und sigt wie ein drei jahre altes!

  • I only like him a li'l like 40%

  • y do people lik jb illllllllllll! i care less about him i got 50 percent i should get 0

  • wat is it about jb? he sux butt!! and hes no where near hot...or cute...hes average on the ugly side


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