Are You Alia, Shraddha or Parineeti?

With every movie there is addition of actresses in Bollywood movies. Some of them stand out while others don't. Alia Shraddha and Parineeti are the ones that are most prominent newcomers in Bollywood.

Each one of them has different qualities. So take the quiz and determine who you are most like! This quiz is only for Bollywood lovers as only they will get this! Enjoy.

Created by: Srush
  1. How would you describe your body?
  2. How would you describe your looks?
  3. What movie character would you rather play?
  4. Which quote would you most relate to?
  5. Pet peeve?
  6. What would you wear to a red carpet event?
  7. How's your hair?
  8. Fetish?
  9. Which Bollywood hunk would you like to date?
  10. Last question: what do you think you will get?

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Quiz topic: Am I Alia, Shraddha or Parineeti?