Shraddha Kapoor Is the Best

There are many female talents in Bollywood but one stands out. Is it Shraddha Kapoor for you?? The most amazing, pretty, elegant, humble, down to earth, and great person. This quiz is dedicated to her!!!

Are you a Bollywood fan?? Is it Shraddha Kapoor a half maples you like it?? If so c'mon this quiz is for you!!! Know if you're a Shraddha gem or not!!!

Created by: madeeha
  1. What was Shraddha Kapoor's first movie?
  2. What is Shraddha Kapoor's favorite colour?
  3. Name of her parents?
  4. Who other celebrity was her classmates when she was in 8th std.
  5. Who is her best friend?
  6. Who do you like Shraddha Kapoor most with?
  7. Which of the following is not her upcoming film?
  8. Do you follow her on instagram?
  9. Which is your favorite song?
  10. Do you like Shraddha?

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