April 2016 - Bollywood Quiz!

There are many people who put their life in Bollywood's way to prove they are one heck of a fan of Bollywood, will you be one of them, proving you know your Bollywood?

So you think you will succeed in this test of Bollywood? Then let's see you try? bet you can't know as much as Mei! If you are up for the Challenge, then let's go!

Created by: Rehaan Khan

  1. The Director of Shah Rukh Khan's first film of 2016, Fan, previously did two consecutive movies with the same pair, who was the male of the pair?
  2. The 61st filmfare award for Best Picture/Film went to..
  3. Which film had this plot; A slim guy and a fat woman go through an arranged marriage and find love between them
  4. Anees Bazmee made two films in 2011, Ready and......
  5. What was the title of the popular song from the film 'Khoobsurat'?
  6. Bade Bade Deshon Mein...
  7. That was a quote from which movie....
  8. Which actor said that quote?
  9. Saif Ali Khan starred in which 2014 film?
  10. Which movie star has two-joint thumbs?
  11. How many films has Salman Khan been in up to 2016? (2016 films and beyond not included)
  12. In October 2013 what was the highest-grossing Bollywood film?
  13. Who composed the albums of Imtiaz Ali's latest films?
  14. Final question : What language is the Bollywood in?

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