Which bollywood diva you are ?

There are many beautiful girls but few of them are all rounder... beauty isn't about what you are from outside it Is about what you are from outside too.. and the beauty with brain Is like a cherry on the cake

Which bollywood diva you are?are you really one of them or just of a different personality? Until now you could only wonder but ..thanks for giving me yor precious time

Created by: fantasi glims
  1. What Is your eye colour?👀
  2. Whose your fav actress?
  3. How much long your hairs are?
  4. What Is your hair colour? (Not Is dyed)
  5. What Is yourbody type ?
  6. What type of hair style you are having?
  7. If you are going outside for a party what you'll wear ?
  8. What Is your type of clothes?
  9. What type of footwear you like?
  10. How fashionable are you??
  11. What's your skin tone?
  12. What Is your face shape?
  13. Whats your body shape?
  14. How you define yourself?
  15. What Is your fav animal ?
  16. Which type of movies u like?
  17. Which type of music you like?
  18. Which type of music you like?
  19. Your hobbies ?
  20. What do u wanna become?
  21. Your results are ready? Would you comment on my quiz?

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