how craazy are you!

some are wild,some are out of it ,some are even craazy!humble is the opposite of craazy in my world,someone can be sweet ,some of them slightly humble.even so we are all born with a sense of personality

how craazy are you?do you have a wild and outrageous attitude ,a quiet humble attitude or are you the type of person who mixes a little of both."once ,you tried to guess but all invane take this quiz and see if you're really insane"

Created by: beedy

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  1. what way are you best to greet a friend that you haven't seen in a long time?
  2. if you get lost while on a field trip,what will you do?
  3. when scared or nervous,what do you do to comfort the feeling?
  4. at school how are you?
  5. what word best describes you?
  6. how do you say bye?
  7. how do you cry?
  8. what is your favorite color out of the three?
  9. if you were on vacation where would you be?
  10. if you were working to gain something,what will it be?
  11. 'if you were a singer what type of songs would you sing?
  12. if everything in the world was yours what would you do?

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Quiz topic: How craazy am I!