Which toon are you

Toons are great. They`re funny, unique and worth watching. But they also have personalities. Some are self-centered, clever or good with `the ladies`.

But are you humble, like Pooh Bear, or depressed, like Charlie Brown. In this personality quiz, find out what toon you are. But the secret is that the Toons think they`re like you. Enjoy!

Created by: Ronin
  1. There is a bully on the playground, picking on your friend. What would you do?
  2. What is the best way to describe one your friends?
  3. What is yor dream job?
  4. Which cartoon girlfriend do you long to have?
  5. What is your strongest physical trait?
  6. What is your dream pet?
  7. Who is your rival?
  8. What is your clothes style
  9. Where would you want to live
  10. What is your biggest personality trait
  11. Which is your favorite overall

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Quiz topic: Which toon am I