which bollywood actress are you {reall works}y

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There are many people but are you special and alike one of the toppest bollywood actresses of all time ?An actress is someone who has the true bold potential to act and a person not afraid to show their talents !!

This quiz shows you if your one of them try this quiz if you wanna find out all the best to your career .and dont say i gave you a boost after this quiz !!!

Created by: ariana jesuvo
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how well do you dance or what do others think ? {be truthfull}
  2. how beautiful are you what do you think ?what do others think ?
  3. how good are you in acting how many productions have you been in ?
  4. how popular are you or were you at school ?
  5. how hot are you how many dates have you had ?
  6. how old are you know ?
  7. if your bff got teased what will you do ? or what if someone started a rumour about you hows your reaction ?
  8. r u cute TELL ME THE TRUTH !
  9. which is your fav actor out of these ?
  10. this does count whats your fav colour ?

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Quiz topic: Which bollywood actress am I {reall works}y