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There are many fans of an famous actress, actor, writer, poet, politician etc, but only some of them are true fans.The true fans are those who know everything like the life history, favorites & so on about the particular person.

Are you a true fan of Katrina Kaif, an actress of Bollywood & a British Model. So now guys lets come and test who are the true fans of Katrina & who only taking the name of being a great fan.

Created by: Priya
  1. Where Katrina Kaif was born?
  2. What is Katrina's Ethnicity?
  3. When she was born?
  4. What is her original name?
  5. What is her favorite color?
  6. When she started her modeling career?
  7. What is Katrina's favorite book?
  8. What is Katrina kaif's favorite movie?
  9. What was Katrina's first assignment?
  10. What was the name of Katrina in her movie "Boom"?
  11. What is her height?
  12. Who are her favorite actresses?
  13. In which year Katrina have the lowest number of movies
  14. Who has directed Kaif's first movie "Boom"?
  15. What is Kaif's marital status?

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