Hugh Jackman Bio

You had to find a biography on actor Hugh Jackman. To see if you have read your biography, and to see if your biography was a good one - just take thi quiz.

Did you pick up the right things to get through this test all right? Did you seperate the important bits from the less important bits? Good luck wit these 10 questions.

Created by: Miss van Gijsel of Miss van Gijsel's Digital Classroom
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  1. After graduating from the University of Technology Sydney he pursued drama at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts
  2. The first tv perfomance was in ABC's prison drama called "Canteloni"
  3. Jackman became known outside of Australia in 1998, when he played the leading role of Curly in the stage production of Oklahoma!
  4. Hugh Jackman was first choice for Wolverine in the first X Men movie (2000).
  5. Hugh Jackman is shorter than his character Wolverine is according to the comic books.
  6. Hugh Jackman was voted one of "The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World" by People magazine.
  7. Hugh Jackman has won a Tony (theatre) and a Golden Globe award (movie).
  8. Hugh Jackman hosted the 2007 Academy Awards
  9. Hugh Jackman has two adopted children
  10. In his spare time, Jackman plays piano, golf, and guitar, and likes to windsurf.

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