Could you be an actress

There are many people in the world who think their the best actor/actress in the world but there is only this way which really works for those people!

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily you have joined many people who think they have the skills to be better than others who try this quiz, but you will realise what happens is true ( if you think it is)

Created by: Abigail Malfoy
  1. When your in the playground do people stare at your fashion sense?
  2. How many friends do you have?
  3. How many presents do you get at Christmas?
  4. What is your favourite pair of trousers?
  5. What does your friends name start with?
  7. That was a bit of general knowledge now the questions
  8. Do you get nervous on stage?
  9. Have you ever been in any play?
  10. Do you always believe in yourself?
  11. Does your teacher think your good at acting?
  12. Thats it hope you like my quiz please coment!

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