Which Actress Do You Like?

Which actress out of seven do you find most attractive? The actresses in this quiz are taken from a wide range - from the Golden Age of Hollywood to the present.

Does shape or voice make the difference? Legs or lips? Money or hair color? Can a computer really determine it? Find out what you really think by answering these questions!

Created by: Joe
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color hair do you like?
  2. What height do you like best?
  3. What figure do you like best?
  4. What voice type do you like best?
  5. Which?
  6. Style of clothing?
  7. Which temperament?
  8. Which would you like more?
  9. Which are more attractive?
  10. Which is more attractive?

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Quiz topic: Which Actress do I Like?