Do You Have What It Takes to Be An Actor/actress?

Millions of people want to star in movies and go all the way to Hollywood and LA, with the paparazzi following them everywhere, but some of us are just too shy, and others of us don't have the talent.

Do you have what it takes to be an actor/actress?! Have you ever wondered if maybe you don't actually have what it takes to stand on a stage in front of millions of viewers, watching you on tv?! Now you can find out!!!

Created by: lisa
  1. What do you think acting will be like?
  2. Are you confident?
  3. You forget your lines on stage and tons of fans are watching you and your face is bright red, so you...
  4. Which one of these things are you best at?
  5. Do you go to any drama groups?
  6. Why do you love acting? (be honest)
  7. Have you been in any performances?
  8. Are you good looking?
  9. What do you imagine when you think of acting?
  10. Can you dance?
  11. Can you sing?
  12. Can you play any instruments?
  13. Do you get stage fright?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have What It Takes to Be An Actor/actress?